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Unprecedented 7th term in power for BJP in Gujarat predicts ABP News-CVoter exit poll

Unprecedented 7th term in power for BJP in Gujarat predicts ABP News-CVoter exit poll. Head-to-Head in Himachal between Congress and the BJP

New Delhi, December 5, 2022: At the close of the second and final phase of polling in Gujarat, ABP News in association with research and data partner CVoter (Centre for Voting Opinion & Trends in Election Research) released its findings of the possible seat share division for the incoming Himachal Pradesh and Gujarat Assemblies.

ABP News-CVoter exit poll in Gujarat, predicts a record 7th straight win for the BJP, the party continuing its unbroken streak since 1995. As per projections the Congress, though a distant second, turned out to be the main challenger to the BJP despite the recent gains by new entrant AAP. While pre poll predictions had pointed towards a 3 cornered fight, as per the ABP News-CVoter exit poll the BJP is set to increase its seats tally while the Congress may see a loss of up to 40 seats to its 2017 tally. The AAP which had no seats in 2017 is likely to open its innings with 7 seats in 2022.

The seat share range as per the projections of the ABP News-CVoter exit polls shows the BJP in an advantageous position even at the lower end of the range. The BJP is expected to get between 128 and 140, the projection for the Congress is that the party is likely to see a variation of 9 seats between 31 to 43. The projection for AAP showed between 3 and 11 seats falling into their kitty.

In terms of vote share the ABP News-CVoter exit poll is predicting a 0.4% swing in favour of the BJP and a negative 9% swing for the Congress.

In Himachal Pradesh where the single-phase election took place almost a month ago on 12th November ABP News-CVoter exit poll projects the BJP as managing to hang on to power for a second term in government. In terms of seats the ABP News-CVoter Exit poll predicts a loss of up to 7 seats for the BJP and a gain of 7 for the Congress, an outcome that would still see the BJP as the single largest party in the 68-member Assembly. The Congress tally may increase to a maximum of 32, as per the higher end of the projected range, which would still fall short of majority. The AAP which had been expected to make major inroads is projected to not win any seats as per the findings of this ABP News-CVoter exit poll


The current projections are based on CVoter tracking poll conducted on polling day and

after polling day among 18 + adults state-wide, all confirmed voters.


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