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K Raheja Corp Introduces ‘PowHER’.

K Raheja Corp Introduces ‘PowHER’.

The Company’s first Women's Employee Resource Group, on International Women's Day


Mumbai, March 8, 2024: In a significant move towards furthering workplace diversity and inclusivity, K Raheja Corp, India's premier real estate conglomerate, announces the launch of its inaugural Women's Employee Resource Group (ERG) - PowHER. With a core committee of 15 members, the newly established ERG is a voluntary, employee-led group with three core areas of focus viz. supporting women's professional development, enhancing networking opportunities, and promoting holistic wellness within the workplace. A group level initiative, this ERG will serve women across the businesses of Mindspace Business Parks, K Raheja Corp Homes, Chalet Hotels Ltd. and Inorbit Malls.


Sponsored by Urvi Aradhya, Chief Human Resources Officer, K Raheja Corp, and Preeti Chheda, Chief Financial Officer of K Raheja Corp Investment Managers Pvt Ltd., and supported by the Corporate Learning Team, PowHER represents a collective commitment to empowering women within the organization. With a focus on providing a platform for women to voice both their aspirations and strategies, the ERG embodies the Company's dedication to fostering an inclusive and equitable work environment. Its launch timing aligns perfectly with International Women’s Day.


The conception of this Women's ERG initiative was driven by a comprehensive need analysis exercise, encompassing surveys, focussed group discussions, and consultations with senior leadership. It has been launched in partnership with Avtar, a leading diversity advocate and consultant, under whose guidance K Raheja Corp aims to implement a structured approach to ERG activities. Avtar's expertise in workplace equity, diversity, and inclusion will play a crucial role in guiding PowHER’s initiatives towards achieving its goals.

Urvi Aradhya, Chief Human Resources Officer at K Raheja Corp, said “Our inaugural women’s ERG is crafted to inspire professional growth, facilitate meaningful networking, and advocate for holistic wellness among our women talent. PowHER is a testament to our belief in the transformative power of a diverse and inclusive workforce. Through it, we aim to create a nurturing environment that enables each woman colleague to achieve her full potential, balancing professional aspirations with personal well-being.”

K Raheja Corp has a long-standing history of implementing progressive policies and programs aimed at supporting women in the workplace. Programs like ‘Anchal’ for young mothers, ‘ReLaunch’ for talent looking to get back into the workforce after a sabbatical or break, ‘Sheroes’ curated to drive women’s leadership and several others.

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