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Celebverse Goes Live on Metaverse

Celebverse Goes Live on Metaverse

~ World's first and only virtual world dedicated to 'Adam & EU', an original human couple and parents of the human race.

~ Celebverse aims to empower celebs across all walks of life.

Dubai, Oct 15th 2022: Celebverse, a leading virtual real estate offering exposure to the burgeoning industry via Metaverse, is now live. It is the world's first and only virtual world dedicated to 'Adam & EU', an original human couple and parents of the human race. With its help, one can acquire virtual property / NFTs and take advantage of various virtual accurate estate-centric services.

Celebverse is the revolutionary step towards Metaverse, providing users with the privilege to purchase parcels around celeb's Metaverse Land. With the freedom, individuals around the globe can now enjoy their choice neighbourhood and own their space in the Celebverse.

As the name suggests, Celebverse is a first-of-its-kind celeb-centric virtual world where users can have an exclusive experience of celeb cities, concerts, studios, events, gigs, fashion shows, merchandise, stores, and much more. And at the same time, embracing a world built with celebrities across all walks of life, top brands, top entrepreneurs, anyone and everyone from sports, performing arts, entertainment, literature, influencers, etc., are all celebrities here.

Talking about it, Yogesh Dixit, Head of Operations, Asia Pacific, Celebverse said, "We aim to create an ecosystem where people can test their imaginations' limits, enjoy the rights from minting a city to owning citizenship in their favourite celeb or brand city. Characters of Celebverse will be upto 85 percent of human reality. Driven by Web 3.0 solutions, users not just buy/trade or sell virtual assets but explore the unending possibilities supported by powerful, unshakable and trusted Smart Audit Contracts of the Ethereum Blockchain."

Celebverse is a peer-to-peer network highly facilitated in the Metaverse. The platform offers detailed FAQs and a roadmap to acquisition. Citizens can own their NFTs, design, mint, buy, sell, and auction the land parcels. Newer celebs shall also benefit from having enthralling neighbors in the new world.

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