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With upskilling opportunity and additional income provided by Flipkart, Kirana in UP shine bright

With upskilling opportunity and additional income provided by Flipkart, Kirana partners in Uttar Pradesh shine bright

Pramod Kumar Ranjan, hails from the town of Azamgarh, in Uttar Pradesh. He resides in Azamgarh with his wife, parents and two kids. Being the sole breadwinner in a family of 6, had been quite challenging for him, but this hadn’t tainted his dream to grow professionally and provide the best education for his kids. In his quest to find suitable job opportunities, Pramod came across Flipkart‘s Kirana partner program and joined hands with the platform 5 years ago.

With a desire to sustain his family and provide a quality life for them, Pramod developed into a stronger and more resilient man who chose not to resist the challenges but instead overcome them. Driven by his unwavering will to provide the best for his family, Pramod joined Flipkart 5 years ago, and everything changed for him when he realized he could finally create the life he had always imagined.

Speaking about his journey of delivering e-commerce shipments and his experience with Flipkart’s Kirana Delivery program, Pramod said “My greatest dream has always been to support my children's education, and seeing that dream come true has been a fulfilling experience. When I joined Flipkart’s Kirana delivery programme, I received sufficient training sessions, which improved my understanding of the business processes that further helped grow my income. I am grateful for my partnership with Flipkart since it has given me an opportunity to grow professionally and also achieve my personal goals.”

For partners like Pramod, festivities serve as a catalyst to increase their income opportunities owing to an upsurge of demand on the marketplace. As the orders soar, resulting in unheard-of sales, the deliveries soar as well, providing the kirana partners with more prospects for income generation and business expansion.

Pramod aspires to provide a comfortable life for his family and the ideal education for his children with the assistance of Flipkart, as he is optimistic about growing his income by 2x every year during the festive season.

Dinesh Yadav is another such Flipkart kirana partner who is a resident of Lucknow who operates as a full time kirana delivery partner with Flipkart from Azamgarh in Uttar Pradesh. He picked up the trades of the business at a young age of 21 years owing to financial difficulties at home. He resides with his parents and 4 sisters. As the only brother and capable breadwinner in the family of 7, he dropped out of high school and started working early on in life to make ends meet. His association with Flipkart began towards the end of 2019, since then he explains his financial conditions at home improved.

Continuous guidance, training sessions and live engagements with the Flipkart team capacitated him to make optimal use of time. Recalling his journey with the platform he said, “When I started as a kirana delivery partner, I knew nothing of the business, I was aware of the boom and the change the e-commerce had brought in India. It was only when I engaged with the team did I understand the nuances of supply chain. Working fulltime as a kirana delivery partner was not easy, I have had my fair share of difficulties. But as the time progressed my grip over the knowledge and workings improved immensely. Most importantly, I am satisfied to support my family, it makes me happy to see a smile on their faces.”

Flipkart’s Big Billion Days is that time of the year for Dinesh when he really gets to push himself and work as a team with other kirana partners from his city to deliver festive happiness. Dinesh is determined that the association with Flipkart continues for years to come and as the years progress more kirana partners like him join hands with the platform.


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