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With TPCODL, electricity distribution services have come closer to public

With TPCODL electricity distribution services have come closer to public

Gone are the days when complaints and services related to electricity supply eluded a public face. Ever since TPCODL has taken over the reins, an aggressive consumer-friendly approach has ensured public complaints are not only heard, but also are acted upon for a long-term solution. Introduction of call centers and customer care centers were unheard of in Odisha before a few years. Now, there are dedicated contact numbers to register complaints and receive robust service solutions in a timely manner.

According to sources, “Post takeover of power distribution responsibility, TPCODL has identified a number of challenges related to Safety, 33KV/11KV/0.415KV network, Customer Services, and Technology usage. In order to improve the reliability in electricity distribution, major interventions like network reinforcement, technology adoption is being done. It has resulted in reduced equipment failure / tripping improving network reliability. Further, business process re-engineering is also done by introducing new verticals to improve the customer services. Technology adoption is playing a vital role in ensuring quality customer services.”

Apart from reliable power distribution, safety of public at large and electricity departmental employees has taken the centre stage of operations. TPCODL has taken various safety initiatives with a view that all injuries & occupational illnesses are preventable. According to the company, more than 4000 skilled and unskilled technicians are engaged for carrying out the preventive maintenance of network equipment including refurbishment of Distribution Substations, maintenance of 11 and 33 kV line to make it interruption free, installation of 11 KV AB switches etc., resulting in 65% reduction in 33 KV interruptions, 38% reduction in 11 KV Interruptions and 95% reduction in PTR interruptions.

“To meet stiff targets of delivering reliable services, TPCODL has re-engineered and reinforced several functions creating new positions of Commercial managers, Customer Service Managers, Customer Relations Executives, Engineering & Quality assurance Engineers, Enforcement Managers, Projects Managers and others which has provided new vistas of challenging opportunities. Almost 7500 local employment was created for various works like Operation & Maintenance, Billing & Collection, New Projects, Meter Installation etc. All of them are being guaranteed statutory benefits as prescribed by the Odisha Government including assured medical benefits through ESI,” said a company spokesperson.


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