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With record rise in engagement quotient, ABP Network marks 50% growth in total unique visitors

With record rise in engagement quotient, ABP Network marks 50% growth in total unique visitors – Comscore Data, Dec 2020-Dec 2021

Only news publisher in the top-10 category to register 50% y-o-y growth

Noida, 10thFebruary 2022: ABP Network’s growth story continues, and shows how the trailblazer in the digital space has emerged as a leader in a short span.

As per Comscore’s ‘MMX users’ growth’ report, ABP Network has grown approximately four times in the last four years — at twice the rate of the overall news category growth. ABP Network’s growth between November and December 2021 showed a 6% increase, while others in the top-10 news and information category tumbled.

In December, ABP Live - Hindi joined the top three on the leader board of the Hindi market, establishing itself as a one-stop news publisher for readers. Approach to build hyperlocal content across the Hindi heartland has reaped benefits for ABP Live - Hindi. The website now has over 78 million monthly users and is targeting 100 million subscribers in the Hindi-speaking market.

As per the Comscore data, ABP Live is the FIRST choice for female audience among the relevant market competition of Hindi publishers. ABP Live has grown 38%, on a year-on-year basis, between December 2020 and December 2021 in this segment.

ABP Live digital platform’s growth also inculcates the networks’ vision to expand and add an audience of varied interests.

Along with Hindi, ABP has expanded into 6+ other Indian languages, including Bengali, Marathi, Tamil, Telugu, Punjabi, and Gujarati. ABP also has an English website catering to a pan-India and foreign audience.

ABP Live - Bengali (ABP Ananda) became the default choice for users during the West Bengal Assembly Polls 2021 and is currently the number 1 website among the male audiences (Dec-21 MMX Comscore Data).

ABP launched two digital platforms — ABP Desam (Telugu) & ABP Nadu (Tamil) — last year with a unique native-first approach. The two new platforms in South India are raking in good numbers and making a mark in the digital space.

ABP Desam & ABP Nadu are not only capturing audiences that were hitherto loyal to other legacy brands, but also gaining traction from the GenZ due to unique presentation of content. Both the platforms have registered nearly 4 times growth in less than 6 months of launch, according to Comscore. These numbers bear witness to the organic popularity of ABP Network’s latest digital offerings.

Commenting on the findings, Avinash Pandey, CEO, ABP Network, said: “We are pleased that the concerted efforts in offering the best content throughout our platforms are consistently recognized. ABP Network remains committed to providing top-notch content to varied audiences across diverse platforms. We hope viewers will continue reposing faith in us and, with their sustained support, we remain confident of maintaining our position as the market leader across all mediums.”


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