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Weaving Dreams: Subarnarekha Port Empowers Rural Women through Handicraft Training in Baliapal

Weaving Dreams: Subarnarekha Port Empowers Rural Women through Handicraft Training in Baliapal

Covers 190 women from nearby villages

Baliapal, March 9, 2023: Subarnarekha Port Private Limited (SPPL) has taken a bold step towards empowering rural women by launching a two-month long training workshop on Sabai Grass handicraft products in association of Tata Steel Foundation (TSF). The program at Chaumukh, which was inaugurated by Shri Deepak Kumar Das, Thashildar, Baliapal, marks a significant milestone in the area’s quest for gender equality. Smt Sushma Dutta, President GPLF Chaumukh, and SPPL officials along with Tata Steel Foundation (TSF) team members were present on the occasion.

Under the expert guidance of SPPL officials, the training program aims to equip women's Self Help Groups (SHGs) members with the necessary skills to create exquisite handicraft products from Sabai Grass. This natural fiber found in the region is a valuable resource, and the workshop will provide the SHG members with the expertise to transform it into an additional source of income for themselves and their families.

The training program will provide technical assistance and support to the participants. TSF will help facilitate marketing of the products to ensure that the SHG members' efforts are recognized and rewarded.

A total of 190 women are currently participating in skill development initiatives focused on sabai grass and applique making. These women are undergoing training at five different camps dedicated to these crafts.

This initiative is a testament to SPPL and TSF's commitment to promoting rural livelihoods and empowering women. The program is expected to have a significant impact on the lives of the SHG members and their families, providing them with a sustainable source of income and the skills to achieve financial independence.


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