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Vi is the Fastest 4G Network in India, as per Opensignal

Vi is the Fastest 4G Network in India, as per Opensignal

· Wins Opensignal’s Download & Upload Speed Experience Awards

· Vi Customers Experience fastest Download Speeds in 10 Markets and Upload Speeds in 14 Markets in India

· Launched new #BestIsGettingBetter campaign to reinforce Vi Network Engineers’ continuous efforts to improve customer experience

Vi has consistently been rated as the best network provider by various global and Indian third party agencies over the past one year. The company continues to lay emphasis on improving customer experience through superior network performance. Vi has now emerged as the fastest 4G network in India, as per the ‘India Mobile Network Experience Report – April 2022’, by Opensignal, the independent global standard in analyzing consumer mobile experience. Vi delivered the fastest 4G Download and Upload Speeds on its Pan-India 4G network enabling users to work, study, socialize, access entertainment, ecommerce and other digital services.

Opensignal assessed the 4G network experience of mobile phone users in India over a period of 90 days between December 1st 2021 and February 28th 2022. The report analyses data speed and experience across cities in 22 telecom circles.

As per Hardik Khatri –Technical Analyst, Opensignal, “Vi wins all speed awards. Vi is the winner of the Download Speed Experience and Upload Speed Experience Awards. Our users on Vi's network, on average, had the fastest download speeds of 13.6 Mbps and fastest upload speeds of 4.9 Mbps.”

Vi has shown consistent leadership across on download and upload speeds. Below are the highlights of the report:

1. Overall Experience: Vi led the chart in speed Awards for both Download Speed Experience and Upload Speed Experience.

2. Vi ranked No. 1 in Download speeds across 10 markets – Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Mumbai, Uttar Pradesh (East & West), Kolkata, West Bengal, Assam and North East

3. Vi also took the Numero Uno Position in Upload speeds across 14 markets – Gujarat, Mumbai, Uttar Pradesh (East & West), Haryana, Punjab, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Kolkata, West Bengal, Orissa, Assam, North East and Jammu & Kashmir

Reinforcing its commitment to provide superior network experience to its customers, Vi has launched a campaign to highlight its network engineers’ efforts of constantly working towards making ‘the best network even better’. Themed ‘Best ho raha hai aur bhi Behtar’, the #BestIsGettingBetter campaign went live over the weekend.

Commenting on the campaign, Avneesh Khosla, Chief Marketing Officer, Vi said “Vi has consistently topped the network quality parameters and speed rating charts of several independent network testing agencies. The latest validation from Opensignal is an endorsement of our efforts to constantly work towards enhancing customer experience through superior network performance. Our new campaign is a celebration of the critical role of our Network Heroes who tirelessly work in all conditions, to improve network performance on a continuous basis, helping Vi users to do more and thrive in the digital world.”

With the rapid digitalization in the country, based on the robust telecom infrastructure, data speeds have become one of the most crucial factors for mobile users. Vi’s latest #BestIsGettingBetter campaign reasserts Vi’s network strengths and conveys its promise of continuously working towards delivering superior network experience.

Vi GIGAnet is built on 5G architecture and is the result of the largest network integration completed in record time and the first-of-its-kind spectrum refarming exercise in the world.

As per Opensignal Awards – India: Mobile Network Experience Report Apr’22, based on independent analysis of mobile measurements recorded between Dec 1’ 21 – Feb 28’ 22. © 2022 Opensignal Ltd.


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