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Unacademy Announces fourth edition of ‘Unacademy Prodigy’ for JEE, NEET UG and Classes 7th - 10th

Unacademy Announces fourth edition of ‘Unacademy Prodigy’: A flagship scholarship test for JEE, NEET UG and Classes 7th - 10th

Through ‘Prodigy’ Unacademy will offer college grants of up to ₹20 Lakhs for the toppers

Learners can also win exciting rewards and up to 100% scholarships for Unacademy subscriptions

Mumbai, January 13, 2021: Unacademy, India’s largest learning platform today announced its fourth edition of the National Flagship Scholarship Test - ‘Unacademy Prodigy’. The test is open for all aspirants of JEE, NEET UG and Learners from class 7th - 10th. Toppers from Unacademy Prodigy will be given an opportunity to win a college grant of up to ₹20 Lakhs for their UG or PG education along with exciting rewards*.

Unacademy Prodigy was established to extend support to the brilliant minds of tomorrow and ensure that their aspirations are fulfilled.

Under this initiative, Unacademy aims to conduct four scholarship tests on 23rd January, 29th January, 6th February and 13th February respectively. These tests are curated to match the final exam paper pattern. Each of these tests will be conducted for 60 minutes and there will be 35 questions relating to aptitude, verbal ability, logical reasoning & general science.

Aspirants who ace Unacademy Prodigy will be eligible for exciting rewards that will support them in their education, along with up to 100% scholarships on Unacademy subscriptions. Furthermore, aspirants taking the test on 29th January and 13th February will stand a chance to win a college grant of up to ₹20 Lakhs* for their UG or PG education. The rewards will be disbursed post 13th February.

Through Unacademy Prodigy, aspirants will get a chance to identify their weak learning areas with a detailed scorecard provided by Unacademy experts. Moreover, they can get their doubts resolved through video solutions provided on the platform.

Learners can enroll themselves or get more information here: for the test.


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