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Trust, Transparency, and Convenience: CARS24 Emerges as Kerala's Favorite Used Car Destination

Updated: Jun 23, 2023

Trust, Transparency, and Convenience: CARS24 Emerges as Kerala's Favorite Used Car Destination

Kochi, 22nd June, 2023: CARS24, the leading AutoTech company in India, has been revolutionizing the used car market in Kerala with its impressive growth in recent months. In just 90 days, the company has witnessed an extraordinary increase of over 370 percent in the sale of pre-owned cars, surpassing the figures from the corresponding period last year. This remarkable achievement firmly establishes CARS24 as the premier destination for individuals seeking trustworthy and high-quality used cars in Kerala.

CARS24 launched in Kochi in 2018 has experienced remarkable growth in Kerala. The company has expanded its services to 16 cities across the state, and the people of Kerala have embraced CARS24 for its exceptional convenience, affordability, and reliability in the used car market. The introduction of zero down payment financing options has particularly resonated with customers, resulting in a surge in demand for pre-owned vehicles. This heightened demand is fueled by factors such as Kerala's higher per capita income, extensive road infrastructure, and a distinct preference for personal transportation.

CARS24's exceptional growth in Kerala's automotive market can be attributed to its dedication to reliable services, customer satisfaction, and the strong demand for practical and affordable used cars in the region. The state government's substantial investments in road infrastructure have significantly bolstered this growth, creating a favorable environment for CARS24 to thrive and cement its position as a trusted and renowned brand within Kerala's dynamic automotive industry.

Talking about the growth in the state, CARS24’s Co-Founder, Gajendra Jangid, added, "We are thrilled with the response from customers in Kerala, who have embraced CARS24 as their trusted platform for buying and selling used cars. Our mission is to simplify the car buying and selling process, making it hassle-free, seamless and accessible to everyone. We are dedicated to surpassing the expectations of our customers in Kerala and providing them with a seamless and reliable experience."

CARS24's latest data unveils intriguing findings about Kerala's used car market, highlighting unique buying patterns across different cities. Each area showcases distinct customer preferences and popular models. Kochi demonstrates a preference for models like the EON and Elite i20, while the Maruti Baleno gains popularity in Alappuzha. Kollam witnesses strong demand for the Hyundai i10, whereas Kottayam thrives with a diverse range of dominant models such as the Thar, Swift, Alto, and Tiago. The data provides valuable insights into the thriving pre-owned car market in Kerala, capturing the varied choices of customers across the state.

The Invincible Ruler of the Preloved Road in Kerala: Maruti & Hyundai!

Maruti and Hyundai have emerged as the undisputed champion of Kerala's preloved road, leaving a lasting impact on the state's car market! The initial quarter of 2023 witnessed a remarkable surge in sales across major cities such as Kochi, Alappuzha, Kollam, and Kottayam. The Maruti Swift model has been a champion amongst customers looking for a preloved car considering the model’s great mileage, compact size, swift pick up, affordable after sales, fuel-efficiency. In Hyundai, the dynamic duo of EON and Elite i20 steal the spotlight, captivating customers with their affordable pricing, practicality, impressive fuel efficiency, and charming compact design. These qualities perfectly align with the preferences and desires of Kerala's passionate car enthusiasts, solidifying Maruti and Hyundai's reign as the invincible rulers in the pre-owned car market of the state.

Revving Up in Kerala: Car Buyers Embrace Exciting Choices!

The car market in Kerala is undergoing a rapid transformation as customers increasingly show interest in diverse car brands. People are now more open to exploring options such as the Ford EcoSport, Tata Nexon and Tiago, and Volkswagen Polo, Honda City, which have gained popularity in the region. This shift reflects their evolving preferences for practical vehicles that offer comfort and reliability for daily commuting, ensuring the well-being of their families. Affordability, reliability, and performance are key factors influencing their car choices.

The diversification in car choices among buyers in Kerala highlights the importance of providing a wide range of options that cater to their specific needs and priorities. As a trusted platform for buying and selling used cars, CARS24 is well-equipped to meet the demands of car buyers in Kerala.

Driving Dreams in Kerala: Car Financing Takes the Wheel with 0 Down Payment Option!

CARS24 is meeting the increasing demand for car ownership in Kerala by revolutionizing the automotive industry through their innovative car financing solutions. They have made car ownership more accessible to a wider audience by introducing features like 0% down payment, extended tenures, and pre-approved loans. CARS24 stands out for their commitment to providing a seamless and convenient experience, offering loans within minutes through their technology-driven process. This approach has resonated strongly with customers, particularly in Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities, where car loan adoption rates have reached an impressive 75 percent. CARS24's attractive financing offers and flexible repayment options have played a significant role in driving the demand for car loans in non-metro areas as aspirations and affordability for car ownership continue to grow.

Indian Consumers Make a Mark in Car Sales: INR 1250 Crores Worth of Cars Sold in Just 90 Days!

CARS24 operates in many cities across Kerala, including Alappuzha, Calicut, Kannur, Kasaragod, Kochi, Kollam, Kottayam, Malappuram, Muvattupuzha, Ottapalam, Palakkad, Parassala, Pathanamthitta, Thrissur, Trivandrum, Vadakara.

According to CARS24's DriveTime Quarterly Report, Indian consumers have sold cars worth over INR 1250 crores on the platform in just 90 days of 2023. This highlights their confidence in the platform's services. CARS24 operates in more than 100 cities across India and is playing a significant role in shaping the future of car sales and ownership as the automotive industry adapts to changing trends and technologies.


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