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TPWODL completes one year of its successful operations in Western Odisha

TP Western Odisha Distribution Limited completes one year of its successful operations in Western Odisha

~ Major Initiatives have helped reduce 11KV and 33KV feeder tripping by 30% and uncoordinated tripping by 73%~

~Effectively reached out to more than 21 lakh customers in Western Odisha 24x7 basis~

~Overcame challenges posed by pandemic and three cyclones~

~Honored employees’ by settling their dues on the day of superannuation~

National, 05 January, 2022: TPWODL, a joint venture between Tata Power and the Odisha Government for power distribution in Western Odisha, today celebrated the completion of the first year of successful operations. Since its formation, TPWODL has continuously invested in improving the power distribution infrastructure of Western Odisha and ensured affordable and reliable power supply to its consumers in Odisha.

TPWODL currently serves a population of 88 lakh with a Customer Base of more than 21 lakh and a vast Distribution Area covering 9 out of the 30 Revenue Districts of the State with a distribution area of 48, 373 sq. km. The entire distribution area is divided into 5 Circles, 17 Divisions, 57 Sub-Divisions and 202 Electrical Section offices.

In the last year, TPWODL has undertaken several initiatives for strengthening distribution infrastructure, adopting new technologies, and digitalizing services to enhance customer experience.

Augmented Electricity Network

In 2021, TPWODL undertook several initiatives in network augmentation to strengthen the distribution infrastructure. It has also reduced 11KV and 33KV feeder tripping by 30% along with 73% reduced uncoordinated tripping. The company has installed more than 1000 intermediate poles and 300 transformers in populated localities and also replaced around 5 lakh defective meters in past six months. The DISCOM also expedited work on the Elephant Corridor project building high-rise pole (2400 poles) erections in 59 Sections that are identified as important sections for elephant movement. The company successfully implemented various technological initiatives for improving reliability indices like Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition system (SCADA) and Advanced Distribution Management System (ADMS). The company issued 7233 New LI connections during this period. It carried out 286 Distribution Transformer fencing for safety. It renovated corporate office and circle offices to provide a better working environment. The company created 33KV/ 11KV practice yards for the training of Business Associates in all 5 circles and more than 400 workstations for engineers to work comfortably.

Spearheaded Technological Advancements

TPWODL undertook several initiatives and technological innovations to strengthen the infrastructure. The DISCOM upgraded several DTRs & PTRs. It tested 40 ODSSP PSS grids with Micro SCADA for Remote operations. The company has already started a pilot on Enterprise GIS in Rourkela Circle. It digitalized processes like network maintenance, procurement, material management, meter reading, and billing. It has installed a large IT infrastructure and created a Data Centre in Burla.

Mr. Sanjay Banga, President – T&D, Tata Power said, “Despite all the adversities the team at TPWODL faced in 2021, we have seen progress in all fronts - Network Augmentation, Customer Convenience, Technology, Safety and Employee Engagement. The team has implemented preventive maintenance measures to make the network more reliable and safe. These consumer-focused initiatives led by technological advancement will bring TPWODL to the next level of growth leading the transformation and growth journey of Odisha. Going forward, we will continue with our efforts to engage with the communities and consumers in Odisha to build a 24*7 reliable network. I would like to take this opportunity to thank our partners - The Government of Odisha for its continued support and guidance and the people of Odisha."

Made Customer Centricity its Core

In line with its commitment to provide a seamless customer experience, TPWODL digitalized processes like network maintenance, procurement, material management, meter reading, billing, etc. It has set up a 24*7 customer care & e-care center at Sambalpur along with its toll-free helpline numbers for helping customers. It launched various drives for online bill payment in slum clusters through the mobile app & Go Digital Rewards. The Discom also collaborated with Citizen Service Centers (6800), Women Self Help Groups (WSHGs) creating more avenues to assist customers. It ensured that all complaints received through email, other social & digital media were addressed immediately.

Mr. Gajanan Kale, Chief Executive Officer, TP Western Odisha Distribution Limited added: “It has been a year of challenges and constant learning for us at TPWODL. We have worked relentlessly to drive digital transformation and ensure that our consumers faced the least electricity-related issues. We have taken up steps in every aspect of the business to upgrade the service quality and service level. Be it infrastructure augmentation, be it consumer schemes, or be it employee satisfaction. With our 360 degrees approach in operation, we have left no stone unturned in living up to the expectation. We shall continue to leverage technology going forward to create a healthy and reliable network in Western Odisha”.

Focused on Employee Capacity Building and advancement of Safety

TPWODL also undertook various employee-centric initiatives which involved the learning and development of 3,000 business associates. It promoted 280 employees, provided higher education avenues for employees as well as introduced the TATA value system, wherein all the employees employed directly or indirectly were trained on safety, ethics, and compliance to statutory provisions of government. It deployed an elevated platform for employees working at height and created a training yard to give on-ground training to employees. It ensured that none of the civil work is carried out with the bamboo structure. The company organized 'Parivartan Ru Pragati' training program conducted for adaptability of change. It also formed POSH Committee and initiated an awareness campaign to ensure a safe workplace for employees. The DISCOM also honored the employees who have served the organization for over 30 years, with their legitimate dues on the day of superannuation. TPWODL also has a robust 'Business Continuity & Disaster Management Plan (BCDMP) for dealing with any natural/man-made calamities.

Practiced Good Corporate Citizenship and supported communities

TPWODL also conducted various community-building initiatives in its endeavor of being committed to the growth of people in Odisha. It undertook proactive safety measures to ensure a safe workplace for employees during the COVID-19 pandemic. It distributed oxygen concentrators to government hospitals and provided PPE kits and safety uniforms to employees and the needy. The company implemented “DO GREEN” culture by reducing paper usage. Going forward, TPWODL plans to set up vocational training centers for the underprivileged at Bhabanipatna, Burla, and other locations.

The formation of TPWODL has marked a new milestone for Tata Power. The company’s focus now lies in creating a more robust power distribution business of the State.


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