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TPSODL warns customers against fraudsters collecting bills

TPSODL warns customers against fraudsters collecting bills

Berhampur, September, 2022: TP Southern Odisha Distribution Limited (TPSODL), the joint venture between Tata Power and Odisha Government, today has issued an advisory against fraudsters, impersonating TPSODL staff and involved in unauthorized bill collection.

The company has filed FIR against an individual in Chirikipada section of Polasara sub-division under Purusottampur division. This person had been engaging with customers without any authorisation of TPSODL was using a fraud mPOS machine for bill collections. The receipt which he gave to customers did not have a consumer number, and TPSODL logo on it.

TPSODL urges all customers to take strict precautions if they come across any such fraud individual. The company advises to use only authorised payment modes for all bills wherein they get a legitimate receipt after each payment.

TPSODL’s dedicated 24*7 Toll Free No. 1800-345-6797/ 1912 is a one-point solution for all grievances. The company urges all its customers to immediately report any individual asking for bill payments without such fraudulent receipts.

We are keeping a close watch on all such activities of fraud. We want our customers to follow authorised-only channels or platforms for bill payments. We would also urge our customers to avoid paying bills without a proper TPSODL receipt and report such matters immediately to our officers” said Mr. Arvind Singh, Chief Executive Officer, TP Southern Odisha Distribution Ltd.


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