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TPSODL’s cloud-based Call Centre improves customer experience

TPSODL’s cloud-based Call Centre improves customer experience

· Consumers can connect at Toll-free no 1800-345-6797/ 1912 for any Query & Complaint

Berhampur, 05 June, 2022: TP Southern Odisha Distribution Limited (TPSODL), the joint venture between Tata Power and Odisha Government for power distribution in Southern Odisha, established a Call Center on 1st April-21 & which operates 24X7 throughout the year. The cloud-based Call Center includes IVR, Call Recording, Conferencing & GSM wireless/ IP phones with headsets. Since its inception, the call centre has received and handled more than 6 lac calls.

Customer Complaints & Queries are being recorded through CRM application with all mandatory details. The call centre has a multilingual IVR option (Odia, English & Hindi) as per the customer’s linguistic preference. The call centre started with 25 employees in April 2021, the number has now increased to 90 due to the requirement derived from the Call Volume analysis.

Process of Handling the Grievance at the call centre:

· Consumer calls on the toll-free number and speaks to an agent which is categorized as either a query or a complaint. The query is registered & closed in the CRM immediately & the complaint is registered by informing the expected resolution timeline, process details, formalities required etc. basis the OERC Guidelines.

· Later the complaint is forwarded to the respective function and a follow-up is carried out for appropriate resolution.

· The respective function attends the complaint and provides feedback to CS team for closure in CRM

The centre is equipped to resolve grievances related to Power Supply or any other technical complaint, Fire & any other Safety related complaint, Guidance on New connection, Change in Load, Category, Name etc., Billing, Reading, Metering & Payment related complaints and Complaints related Theft, Harassment & Ethics.

To leverage the benefits, the company urges the customers to update their contact details for better communication & also encourages them to access the various digital access and payment avenues.

“The facility has enhanced and upgraded the overall query resolution experience for the customers of TPSODL. We look forward to further incorporating technological advancements to accelerate the customer query resolution process”, said Mr. Arvind Singh, Chief Executive Officer, TP Southern Odisha Distribution Ltd.


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