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TPSODL reaffirms its commitment towards healthy community development on World Health Day

TPSODL reaffirms its commitment towards healthy community development on World Health Day

Berhampur, April: In observance of World Health Day, TP Southern Odisha Distribution Limited (TPSODL) reaffirms its dedication to fostering healthier communities through health-focused initiatives. Aligned with this year's theme, My Health, My Right TPSODL is spearheading efforts to ensure the well-being of both its employees and the communities it serves across Southern Odisha.

Within its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) framework, TPSODL operates Mobile Health Dispensaries (MHD) dedicated to serving the healthcare needs of remote villages in Southern Odisha. This initiative aims to deliver basic healthcare services directly to the doorsteps of communities where access to medical facilities is constrained by geographical challenges. Staffed with an MBBS doctor, a pharmacist, and a nurse, the two Mobile Health Dispensaries (MHDs) of TPSODL in Boudh and Jeypore have delivered healthcare services to more than 40,000 individuals. This initiative spans 992 villages and 449 Gram Panchayats, benefiting a population exceeding 200,000.

The MHDs offer comprehensive services including free consultations, treatments, and medication distribution to those in need. Operating whole month, these health camps provide not only medical check-ups and prescriptions but also distribute free medicines. The primary beneficiaries of these camps are the elderly, women, and children, attracting a significant number of attendees.

“On World Health Day, we reaffirm our pledge to make health and wellness a priority for our communities and our employees. Our Mobile Health Dispensaries in Boudh and Jeypore are more than medical missions; they're our pledge to ensure health equity. We believe that access to healthcare is a fundamental right, and through our initiatives, we are committed to making this a reality for every individual we serve" said Mr Amit Garg, CEO – TPSODL.

By focusing on health and wellness, TPSODL is not only enhancing the quality of life for communities across Southern Odisha but is also setting a precedent for corporate engagement in societal well-being.

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