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TPSODL gears up to meet peak power demand during the summer season

TP Southern Odisha Distribution Ltd. (TPSODL) gears up to meet peak power demand during the summer season

~ Expects peak demand to touch 684MW ~

~ Augmented network, load forecasting and leveraging technology to ensure reliable supply ~

Berhampur, 30 March 2022: Aligning with the forecast and predictions about intensive heat this summer, Tata Power led distribution companies (Discoms) in Odisha have geared up their preparedness for uninterrupted and reliable power supply. Envisaging a peak demand of 684MW this Summer Season, from 654MW last year, TP Southern Odisha Distribution Ltd (TPSODL) a joint venture between Tata Power and the Government of Odisha has spearheaded massive network augmentation and technological initiatives which will help the company meet the challenges of the upcoming summer season.

Network Augmentation:

In a run-up to the summer, TPSODL has conducted widespread maintenance activities. The company has ensured a 46 Ckt. Km new 33kV line. It has attended oil leakages of 332 distribution transformers (DTR) and has also replaced 1,334 faulty distribution transformers (DTR) to ensure its customers have a seamless electricity supply throughout the summers. TPSODL has also erected 1,129 High Tension and 859 Low Tension intermediate poles. Other initiatives include regular power transformer overhauling, repairs, earthing at the site in the distribution system.

Load Forecasting:

Demand (load) Forecasting is an essential step toward managing the peak demand and ensuring a reliable power supply. TPSODL ensures demand forecast through parameters such as past years' load growth pattern and proposed growth in the Demand in ensuing years for optimal and cost-effective planning to ensure reliable power supply to consumers.

“We are fully prepared to meet the peak demand this summer and have taken proactive steps like network augmentation, preventive maintenance, use of advanced technology and deployment of preventive maintenance practices to provide an uninterrupted power supply in our licensed region," said Mr. Arvind Singh, CEO, TPSODL.

Technology Usage:

TPSODL's cutting-edge technologies like Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) system and Geographic Information Systems (GIS) for efficient and productive distribution network management will help in managing the peak demand during the summer season. Both these systems will help the company to process the data more efficiently, make smarter decisions and mitigate downtime. The company has also commissioned a data center at Berhampur which will host GIS, AMI, SCADA and other IT applications.

In alignment with the power demand from the summer season and to further reduce any mishap during operations, the company has embraced a safety culture in the organisation. The company had introduced training programs for all its employees on heat stress and awareness towards first aid. The company has also ensured light, breathable, loose-fitting clothes and provided safety hats for its employees.


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