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TPSODL Enhances Power Supply with New 33-KV Line in Ganjam

TPSODL Enhances Power Supply with New 33-KV Line in Ganjam

·        16000 Consumers benefited

·        Panchayats in three blocks get enhanced service delivery

Berhampur: TP Southern Odisha Distribution Limited (TPSODL) has successfully established a new 33 KV line from the Aska New Grid Substation to the Nuagaon Primary Substation (PSS) in Ganjam district, significantly improving power supply reliability and quality. This strategic development benefits approximately 16,000 consumers across 13 Gram Panchayats in the Aska, Sheragada, and Purusottampur blocks.

Previously, the Nuagaon Primary Substation received its 33 KV supply from the Aska Old Grid Substation. The introduction of the new line from the Aska New Grid Substation (GSS) ensures a more stable and dependable power supply. The Panchayats benefiting from this upgrade include, Nuagam, Badakholi, Pandipathar, Sidhanai, Kharia, Baragam, Jayapur, Haridapadar, Babanapur, Bhetnai, Allipur of Aska block, Brahmanachai of Sheragada block, and Tankachai of Purushottampur block.

Spanning approximately 5.5 kilometers, this new infrastructure not only enhances load-carrying capacity but also significantly boosts the overall reliability and resilience of the power network. The project addresses previous issues of low voltage and frequent power interruptions. In case of any breakdown in the line from the Aska Old Grid Substation, the new line will seamlessly supply power from the Aska New Grid Substation, ensuring uninterrupted service.

Mr. Amit Kumar Garg, CEO of TPSODL, remarked, "Our top priority is to provide our consumers with reliable and high-quality power supply. The newly implemented 33 kV line represents a major step forward in achieving this goal. We are committed to continuing our investments in infrastructure upgrades to better serve our communities."

This development underscores TPSODL's dedication to delivering enhanced power solutions and its ongoing commitment to infrastructure advancement.

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