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TPSODL Enhances Power Infrastructure in Berhampur for Reliable Service

TPSODL Enhances Power Infrastructure in Berhampur for Reliable Service

Berhampur: TP Southern Odisha Distribution Limited (TPSODL) continues its commitment to ensuring reliable power supply to its consumers with proactive measures undertaken in Berhampur. As part of its summer preparedness initiative, TPSODL has initiated regular maintenance activities aimed at optimizing the performance of its electrical infrastructure.

One of the recent crucial upgrades occurred at the Medical Section 100 KV Distribution Transformer (DTR) in Berhampur. This upgrade not only enhances safety measures but also improves the efficiency of power distribution in the region. The maintenance work involved the replacement of aging electrical equipment with new advanced components including Moulded Case Circuit Breakers (MCCBs) and High Rupturing Capacity (HRC) fuses.

These modern components are designed to safeguard the electrical infrastructure against overloading and short circuits, ensuring uninterrupted power supply, particularly during the peak demand period of the summer season. By incorporating these upgrades, TPSODL aims to mitigate potential safety hazards and enhance the overall reliability of power distribution in Berhampur.

TPSODL remains dedicated to providing superior power supply services, and these proactive measures underscore their commitment to customer satisfaction. By investing in infrastructure upgrades and conducting regular maintenance activities, TPSODL aims to meet the evolving needs of consumers and uphold its reputation as a reliable electricity provider in Southern Odisha.

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