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TPNODL conferred with Business Leader Award for Aerial Meter Reading of rural customer

TPNODL conferred with Business Leader Award for Aerial Meter Reading of rural and lift irrigation customer

~Company filed a patent of the project~

31st March 2022: TP Northern Odisha Distribution Limited (TPNODL), a joint venture Between TataPower and the Government of Odisha has been conferred with Business Leader of the year award for aerial meter reading of rural & lift irrigation customer under Innovative Project of the Year category. The company has introduced an innovative project to read the inaccessible LI meters automatically at a lower cost and get cent percent accurate billing on actual basis to reduce revenue losses.

The blue-tooth energy meters are equipped with walk by feature which will enable these meters to broadcast its energy billing data in its vicinity and the same can also be read through bluetooth enabled mobile at a distance of 50m along with the facility to sync it automatically on central data server. Additionally, drones equipped with GPS technology are programmed to capture high-definition photographs of the meters. The drone flies across predefined meters' co-ordinates at an altitude of 80m and descend to a height of 50m from the meters to capture the videos or photographs. The geo positions of a number of meters are mapped and the route map of the drones are set automatically.

"We are happy to receive this prestigious award. Our teams have put in meticulous planning and engineering to ensure automated & accurate energy meter reading for LI consumers. This economical solution aligns to our objective to adopt technology driven services for seamless customer satisfaction" said Mr Bhaskar Sarkar CEO, TPNODL.

The project helps in improving the metering numbers significantly and also reduce per unit meter reading and billing costs. The technology can be easily incorporated to the existing meters Apart from this the usage of drone for automatic reading of these bluetooth meters ensure accurate, fast energy meter reading for LI & rural consumers instead of provisional billing thereby reducing AT&C loss and also providing critical insights of theft prevention in rural service delivery.


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