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TPCODL Upgrades Transformer in Bhandagarh Village, Resolves Power Interruption Problems

Bhubaneswar, April 29: Bhandagarh Village, Kakatpur 1 - Around 130 families in Bhandagarh village were facing frequent power outages and low voltage issues due to the high power demand in the area. The situation had become quite troublesome for the locals, who were unable to use heavy load equipment like AC, refrigerators, etc. without any interruption.

To address this issue, TPCODL has now upgraded the 100 kVA transformer to 250 kVA, which has successfully resolved the power interruption problems in the area. The upgrade has resulted in the village receiving an uninterrupted power supply, and the consumers can now use high power consuming equipment without any issues.

The new 250 kVA transformer will ensure that the residents of Bhandagarh village receive a constant and reliable power supply, thereby reducing the inconvenience faced due to power outages and low voltage issues.

The upgradation of the transformer is in line with TPCODL's commitment to delivering uninterrupted and high-quality power supply to its consumers. With this initiative, TPCODL aims to address the power-related challenges faced by people living in remote areas and enhance their living standards.


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