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TPCODL prepares to ensure the safety of customers during this monsoon

TPCODL prepares to ensure the safety of customers during this monsoon

Bhubaneswar, 12 July, 2022: TP Central Odisha Distribution Limited (TPCODL), the joint venture between Tata Power and Odisha Government for power distribution, has completed various preventive safety measures, as part of its monsoon preparedness drive, to ensure seamless power supply and safety of customers during this monsoon season.

On a priority basis the company has carried out aggressive tree trimming along the feeders and de-vegetation at primary and distribution sub-stations to avoid falling of trees/branches on electrical installations, poles and wires leading to unsafe conditions. TPCODL team carried out DSS vegetation cleaning at nearly 1500 locations and resorted to tree trimming at more than 3,500 locations across its five circles.

As part of preventive maintenance initiatives, TPCODL undertook leakage current testing drive at around 2500 locations and rectified faults wherever found along with overhauling of the power transformers, oil filling in the transformer tanks and prevention of oil leakages. The Company has installed interposing poles at high sagging areas, installed polymeric lightning arresters, installed and repaired earthing systems and created provision for submersible pump sets for the low lying Primary Sub-stations.

TPCODL has also ensured adequate manpower and 24X7 vehicle availability for maintenance and breakdown services with quick response time. Gumboots and raincoats have been arranged for MOC and technicians.

Safety has always been our top priority and we are fully prepared for this monsoon season. Our team is working proactively and relentlessly to ensure that customers are not inconvenienced due to any electricity supply related issue. I request to all our consumers to strictly follow safety guidelines during the monsoon and stay safe,” said Mr. M. Shenbagam, Chief Executive Officer, TP Central Odisha Distribution Ltd.

TPCODL’s safety guidelines to the consumers

· Stay away from water-logged electrical installations such as electricity poles, sub-stations, transformers, streetlights, etc.

· Caution children from playing near electricity installations, even if they are barricaded or fenced

· Do not touch electrical appliances with wet hands

· Check your electrical appliances like cooler bodies, washing machines, water pumps, etc. for any leakage current. Call a certified electrician if any leakage is found in any appliance

· Ensure the meter box is adequately protected from water

· Use ISI-marked electrical wires and equipment

· Install earth leakage circuit breaker (ELCB) to prevent shocks


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