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TPCODL Power substation at Trilochanpur brings relief to villagers

TPCODL Power substation at Trilochanpur brings relief to villagers

Bhubaneswar, 18 February 2022: The 33/11 KV power substation at Trilochanpur in Jagatsinghpur district has been able to put an end to electricity supply related woes of more than 5500 villagers belonging to multiple villages in the locality. The villagers were suffering from low voltage and major power outage issues for a long time.

The Trilochanpur substation has three feeders at Dhinkia, Shandhakud and Tilochanpur to ensure proper electricity supply to nearly 20 villages. Earlier, power supply to these villages were managed from Kujang substation, around 30 kms away from this locality.

Sharing his experience, Pralay Biswal, villager from Dhinkia Panchayat said, “Earlier when we were provided electricity from Kujang feeder, for most part of the day we were struggling due to low voltage or complete outage. With the Trilochanpur feeder becoming operational, power supply has been good. We are really happy now with the present situation.”

Bikramjit Samantray, Trilochanpur said, “Earlier we used to witness 6 to 7 times power outage every day. Even when it was cloudy, electricity supply used to get disconnected for hours. Now the situation has changed since installation of the Trilochanpur feeder. This has helped the area in many ways.”

This was an initiatives to strengthen electricity distribution network and infrastructure to ensure reliable power supply in its area of operation.


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