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TPCODL committed to ensure seamless power supply for Rath Yatra

TPCODL committed to ensure seamless power supply for Rath Yatra

DISCOM conducts maintenance activities; 500 staff deployed for the Rath Yatra

Puri, June 18, 2023: For the Rath Yatra 2023, TP Central Odisha Distribution Ltd (TPCODL) is fully prepared to ensure uninterrupted power supply and implement enhanced safety measures during the event. TPCODL has undertaken major works to enhance the power infrastructure for the Rath Yatra. All 33KV underground cabling healthiness ensured enabling uninterrupted power supply through the ring main system.

Additionally, preventive maintenance has been carried out on feeder pillar boxes in key areas such as Grand Road, Sea Beach Road, VIP Road, and other locations to ensure uninterrupted power supply. In terms of manpower planning, a total of 500 TPCODL employees and Business Associates have been engaged during the Rath Yatra to ensure uninterrupted power supply. Additionally, 20 TPCODL officers with past experience under Puri Division have been deputed to PED, Puri for better monitoring and coordination.

A total of 35 TPCODL officers from Puri Division along with 15 supervisors from Business Associates have been deployed dedicatedly for the Ratha Yatra. To ensure seamless power supply during the Rath Yatra, TPCODL has implemented a robust ring main system. Seven primary substations, namely Talabania, Sriram Nagar, Kacheri, Baliapanda, Charinala, Atharanala and Samnga are interconnected through a 33 KV underground cabling network. The dedicated E&MR team of Puri Division diligently completed the preventive maintenance plan for 14 33/11KV Power Substations (PSS).

These substations meet (n-1) redundancy criteria and are connected to two 132/33KV grids (Puri and Samuka) and the 220/132/33KV Samagara Grid. This ensures reliable and uninterrupted power supply to important areas such as the Jagannath Temple, Gundicha Temple, Grand Road, Sea Beach Road, CT Road, and the District Headquarters Hospital (DHH).

Simultaneously, the Operations team achieved their goal by successfully executing the preventive maintenance work for 32 Nos. of 11KV feeders in Puri Town. Additionally, a significant accomplishment was made with the completion of 12.5km of AB Cable stringing across various locations within Puri Town. In line with ensuring safety, 24 FRP (Fiber Reinforced Plastic) fencings were installed in different hazardous areas of Puri Town.

The maintenance tasks for all 11KV and 33KV RMUs (Ring Main Units) were also diligently carried out in Puri Town. The underground cable network is being patrolled 24X7 . TPCODL has also conducted thorough checks and rectification of all electric poles, distribution points, and feeder pillar boxes for any leakage current, ensuring the safety of pilgrims and the general public.


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