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TP Northern Odisha Distribution Ltd launches Project ‘NISTHA’

TP Northern Odisha Distribution Ltd launches Project ‘NISTHA’

~One-stop solution for all electricity related issues~

Balasore, 21 December 2021: TP Northern Odisha Distribution Limited (TPNODL), a joint venture between Tata Power and the Government of Odisha, recently launched its customer redressal project, ‘NISTHA’. Under this project, the NISTHA camps are being set up at each sub-division which acts as a one-stop solution for consumers for all their electricity related issues.

Benefits under Project ‘NISTHA’ includes: 1) Spot resolution of disputed bills 2) Spot registration of new connection 3) Spot replacement of defective meters 4) Spot reading based bills and duplicate bill generation 5) Spot collection of arrear payments 6) On the spot instalments 7) Spot correction of consumer data among many others

TPNODL has launched project ‘NISTHA’ with an aim to enhance customer service and provide a convenient solution for electricity problems. So far, it has already organized around 224 camps across 16 divisions which have been attended by 5179 consumers. Besides this, the company has successfully resolved over 3343 spot bills and registered around 101 new connections, generated 457 spot reading based bill, issued 24 disconnection notices, completed 432 spot capturing of meter data and 134 spot rectifications of consumer data through this project.

Mr. Bhaskar Sarkar, CEO, TPNODL said, “Customer satisfaction has been an integral part of TPNODL’s culture. With project NISTHA, we are strengthening our commitment towards providing reliable, affordable and quality power to our customers. We are confident that they will benefit from this project and find easy and permanent solutions for their electricity related problems.”

Through project ‘NISTHA’, TPNODL intends to resolve various issues such as unmetered connection or defective meters, update Saubhagya meter in the system, provisional bill issues, low collection reach, past disputes etc.


TP Northern Odisha Distribution Limited (TPNODL) is a joint venture between Tata Power and the Government of Odisha with the majority stake being held by Tata Power Company (51%). TPNODL serves a population of 97 Lakhs with Customer Base of 19.06 Lakh and a vast Distribution Area of 27,920 Sq. Km.Tata Power has a vast experience in electricity distribution in Mumbai, Delhi and Ajmer and has been a benchmark performer in Delhi for the last 19 years, where losses have been brought down from a high of 53% in 2002 to approximately 7.9% in March 2020. In addition to loss reduction, customer experience has been enhanced by providing one-stop solutions, from state-of-the-art Call Centers and Consumer Care Centers to effective communication and deployment of customer-centric process, creating Customer Delight.At TP Northern Odisha Distribution Limited, the entire focus is on providing reliable power supply, enhanced customer services and reducing the existing AT&C losses of 25.32% in a systematic manner. All this will be achieved by upgrading the present distribution infrastructure, adopting new technologies and provide various digital services to our customers.


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