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Tips to upkeep your split Air conditioner for optimum cooling

Tips to upkeep your split Air conditioner for optimum cooling

(Inputs by Mr. Arnab Bagchi, Sr. Vice President – Service, Godrej Appliances)

Summer is here and it’s time for your AC to work like a charm. With soaring temperatures across several regions, air conditioners have become an essential appliance at home to get some relief from the heat. A well-maintained and efficient air conditioner is what you need this summer to stay comfortable and productive. But how do you ensure your AC is ready to deliver its best in the summers?

Well, it is highly advisable to have a preventive AC maintenance service done from an authorized service technician, along with that, follow these AC maintenance tips at home to get the best cooling performance from your air conditioner. Here are tips from Mr. Arnab Bagchi, Sr. Vice President – Service, Godrej Appliances to upkeep your AC for optimum cooling.

A professional AC servicing can offer you the following:

· Indoor split AC unit maintenance- Go for this service twice every year even if you don’t have any issues with your AC. The technician will clean the AC air filter, all the dust accumulated in the vents and check the coolant pressure to ensure optimal cooling. Additionally, you can opt for wet servicing that includes cleaning of the indoor unit with a water jet pump to clean the inner areas of the coils that are hard to reach. During servicing, the drainpipe is cleaned to check if there is any blockage due to dust or any foreign particles which could lead to water leakage.

· Outdoor Split AC unit maintenance- To ensure the longevity of your AC, once in 6 months it is advisable to get the outdoor unit cleaned professionally to remove the dust obstructing the air flow. If this servicing is not done in a timely manner, then it forces the system to work harder, reducing its efficiency, adding to the electricity consumption, and shortening the ACs lifespan.

· Fix any visible signs of damage- If you find any visible signs of damage, such as cracks, rust, or corroded parts, make sure to get it repaired immediately from an authorized service technician only. Don’t try to clean it yourself or fall prey to any scams by searching for a resolution online, this could lead to further damage.

· Resolve any AC leakage problems- Many consumers have experienced water leaking from an AC unit inside the home. This spoils the home aesthetics, can cause electrical short circuits if there are plug points underneath the AC. When you experience this concern, take immediate action to prevent any further damage by calling a professional AC technician to diagnose and repair it. If you don’t want to be hassled with this problem, then you can get a permanent solution to this concern by choosing the latest technology in ACs: a leak-proof Split AC with Anti-Leak technology.

Additionally, here are few home care tips to ensure smooth functioning of your AC:

· Regularly clean the AC dust filter- During peak summer usage, you must clean the AC’s air filter once a week to make sure that it is not clogged with dust, fibre etc. You can easily remove the air filter from indoor unit, clean it with tap water and refix them after they are dry. Doing so will ensure the unobstructed flow of air for maximum cooling capacity and efficiency. You can also opt for added hygiene with UVCool Technology and Nano Coated Anti-Viral filter that helps to disinfect the air in the room.

· Keep sun rays away and windows closed- Sunlight forces the condenser unit to work harder and leads to increased wear and tear of the AC. Do remember to block the sun by drawing the curtains and do not operate the AC with windows or doors open.

· Setting the right temperature- Running your AC at 24°C is ideal to provide the right amount of cooling and will consume less energy. It is also recommended to use the sleep/timer function during the night. Furthermore, opting for 5-star air conditioners is ideal, as they can save more energy on a longer run.

· Don’t block the outdoor unit- The outdoor unit needs to be well ventilated at all times. Don’t block it by keeping anything in front of it.

· A word of caution- Don’t run the AC when there is voltage fluctuation or electrical wiring damage and ensure kids are always supervised while using the AC. Don’t splash water on the AC to clean it as it can cause electric shock and malfunctioning.

Follow these tips to enjoy cool comfort all summer long while saving on your electricity bill and protecting your health.


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