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Tips To Keep Your Clothes New Looking With Every Wash

Tips To Keep Your Clothes New Looking With Every Wash

Your favorite white t-shirt paired with the latest styled jeans, classy formal wear that keeps you looking prim, the dressy party attire, crisp cottons or stylish gym wear – whichever look you choose to don, keep it new and fresh looking by paying a little more attention to how you go about your laundry.

Shashank Sinha, Product Group Head- Washing Machines at Godrej Appliances suggests some ideas to elevate your laundry game and ensure that your clothes look as good as new after every wash.

Sort your laundry carefully

Firstly, separate your clothes based on their color, fabric type and soilage level. Washing light and dark colors separately helps control damage due to color bleeding and keeps your clothes looking vibrant. Remember to always refer to the care labels on your clothes for specific instructions and recommendations.

Turn clothes inside-out before washing

Before putting your clothes into the washing machine, turn them inside out, especially the printed or delicate ones, to protect the outer surface from wear and tear.

Soak dirty or stained clothes for some time before washing: Soaking loosens the dirt and stains and is a good practice followed in many households. If your washing machine has an inbuilt soak mode, then you don’t need to soak clothes separately in a bucket.

Use the right amount of detergent

Too much detergent can leave residue on your clothes and too less will give ineffective wash quality. The detergent scoop indicator on your washing machine control panel helps you identify the correct dosage required. You can also add fabric softeners during the wash to retain the colors.

Clean the machine’s drum and lint collector regularly

The lint collector in most washing machines gets clogged after a few wash cycles. Opening & cleaning it at least once a week simply by washing it under tap water, ensures continued efficiency of the lint collector thereby giving a better wash. It is also recommended to use the tub clean feature of your machine once a week to remove any residue that might accumulate on the drum and affect the wash quality.

Avoid overloading the machine

Exceeding the recommended capacity of your washing machine can impede proper cleaning and rinsing of your clothes. Additionally, it can result in excessive friction and damage. Adhering to the machine's capacity guidelines and allowing sufficient room for clothes to move freely during the wash cycle is essential.

Select appropriate wash mode depending on your load and fabric

People often select auto wash cycles for most loads while doing laundry with their washing machines because of the convenience. However, washing machines do come with advanced programs suitable to care for various types of fabrics. For example- for delicate or lightly soiled garments, you can opt for a gentle or delicate wash cycle to minimize stress on the fabric, whereas your heavy jeans can be washed in denim mode for a stronger wash. Similarly, you can also customize rinse and spin cycles, water level and temperature to suit your fabrics. Segregating clothes by fabric helps to deliver lasting care for your clothes.

Don’t ignore the importance of disinfection

Along with stain removal, germ disinfection is another important factor to keep in mind. For a holistic anti-stain and anti-germ wash, opt for washing machines with features like steam wash, in-built heater, tested germ removal efficacy, that deep clean your clothes making them look as good as new.

By incorporating these tips into your laundry routine, you can improve the longevity and freshness of your much-loved clothes and keep them new looking every day.

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