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Tata Steel signs a business cooperation agreement with Thiess

Tata Steel signs a business cooperation agreement with Thiess

~ Aiming to redefine the way mining is done through new technology, mineral conservation, sustainability and safety ~

Jamshedpur, April 19, 2022: Tata Steel has signed a business cooperation agreement with Thiess to deliver mine technical services in areas such as exploration, resource evaluation and mine planning. Thiess will also collaborate with Tata Steel to deliver competitive integrated business solutions to the global mining industry. Thiess is one of the largest mining services providers based out of Australia.

Tata Steel will work closely with Thiess India Engineering Hub, which provides technical support to Thiess’ global operations, including geotechnical and mine engineering, technology service delivery, business process automation, and learning & development services.

On the alliance, D.B. Sundara Raman, Vice President, Raw Materials, Tata Steel said: “We are in the mining business for more than a century with the Natural Resource Division of Tata Steel providing various exploration & mine planning services to its captive mines for sustainable mining. We are pleased to start offering our mine technical services commercially through Tata Steel Industrial Consulting to the mining industry outside Tata Steel. This agreement will complement our capabilities & capacities to raise the standards of such services in India in particular and internationally in general for more scientific and sustainable mine development.

Tata Steel is one of the world’s most geographically diversified steel producers, providing fully integrated steel operations – from mining to the manufacturing and marketing of finished products. The Company brings deep knowledge and experience in the manufacturing and selling of steel, as well as mining of required raw materials for steel.

Michael Wright, Executive Chairman & CEO, Thiess, said: “We are pleased to be working in collaboration with Tata Steel to deliver mine planning and engineering services. With a shared focus on value creation and sustainability, this agreement is the foundation for a strong partnership and complements our efforts to diversify our services and accelerate our growth across commodities and geographies.”

Tata Steel and Thiess together are uniquely positioned to deliver technical services for sustainable mine development over the long term.


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