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Tata Steel publishes Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) for Steel Structural Hollow Sections

Tata Steel Limited publishes Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) for Steel Structural Hollow Sections (Tata Structura)

~Tata Structura is the first brand in Structural Steel Hollow sections in India to publish EPD and is the second EPD from Tata Steel Limited after Steel Rebars ~

~ EPD transparently reports objective, comparable & third-party verified data about products & services' environmental performances from a lifecycle perspective ~

~ Eco-label certifications will further accelerate the Company’s efforts towards leadership in sustainability ~

Mumbai, October 27, 2022: Tata Steel Limited has published Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) for Steel Structural Hollow Sections sold under the brand name Tata Structura, as part of its commitment to be a benchmark in sustainability disclosures and to serve its customers with product specific sustainability information. EPDs are Type III eco-labels that transparently declare the product’s environmental impact over its life cycle across various indicators. It is a comprehensive, third-party reviewed report that acts as a verified document in communicating a product’s life cycle environmental impact for disclosure purposes. EPD is widely used in green building and construction material industry as it accounts for scoring the required credit points in green building assessment system. It can also be used in prioritizing products based on green public procurement policies.

The Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) study carried out for developing the EPD for steel products is done as per ISO 14040 and ISO 14044 standards. LCA allows companies to evaluate their product’s environmental performance over its entire life cycle. It typically takes into account the full value chain, from material extraction to manufactured product, its usage stage, and end-of-life impacts. The EPD is published in the International EPD System and can be accessed through the link:

Sanjiv Paul, Vice President (Safety, Health and Sustainability), Tata Steel, said: “EPDs are an important validation tool, both for manufacturers to provide transparent data about environmental sustainability of its products and for the more conscientious customers to make informed purchasing decisions. We are confident that the number of such customers will increase rapidly in our markets and we are gearing up to serve them proactively.

Sanjay S Sahni, Executive In Charge (Tubes Division), Tata Steel, said: “In Tata Steel Tubes Division our endeavor has always been to achieve global benchmark for sustainability, for our products and processes. EPD for Tata Structura will help our valued customers to choose right material for their projects and achieve global standards of sustainable construction. We are happy to share that now Tata Structura is the first Structural Steel Hollow Section brand in the country which has published EPD (Environmental Product Declaration) for supporting our stakeholders with product specific sustainability information.”

This is the second EPD from Tata Steel Limited after the publication of Steel Rebars EPD. Tata Steel will focus on securing eco-labels (GreenPro and EPD) for its key products and on maximising the coverage of its products across various sites under LCA to support the customers with product-related sustainability disclosures enabling designers, customers understand better a product’s environmental impact.

Tata Steel has already received GreenPro certification for many of its products including Steel Structural Hollow Sections (Tata Structura), Tata Tiscon (Steel Rebars), Tata Pravesh, Tata Ezyfit and Ground Granulated Blast Furnace Slag. GreenPro certified products are recognised in the Indian Green Building Council (IGBC) rating system as well as by various government institutions (Chennai Metro, Delhi Metro, etc.). In Europe, the Company has produced over 50 Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) for its construction sector customers – a milestone in environmental impact transparency and reporting.


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