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Tata Steel Foundation provides drinking water facilities at Khondbond

Tata Steel Foundation provides drinking water facilities at Khondbond

Joda, June 3, 2022: Drinking water is one of the most basic requirements for sustenance. Provision of safe drinking water to any community is always a challenge. To resolve this issue, Tata Steel Foundation (TSF) has taken one more step towards providing safe drinking water to the tribal community members inhabiting in this locale.

In this regard, TSF has constructed three drinking water projects in Hembram Sahi, Majhi Sahi and Gardi Sahi of Khondbond village based on solar drinking water technology.

Expressing his gratitude towards Tata Steel Foundation, Mr Dashram Champia of Majhi Sahi (Khondbond) says, “Earlier, women used to walk long stretch of distance to fetch water and wait long for hours for water tankers to arrive, which often used to arrive at night. Sometimes, the water tankers would not arrive for 2-3 days owing to technical issues and as a result the villagers had to suffer. But now, we are getting water in time and the women no longer need to walk through forest area to fetch water.”

Tata Steel Foundation (TSF) always strives towards the holistic development of the community through initiatives like providing safe drinking water, providing quality education and creating sustainable livelihood opportunities.


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