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Tata Steel Foundation Celebrates National Sports Day

Tata Steel Foundation Marks Inspiring National Sports Day in a Spectacular Display of Unity and Fitness

Celebrating Major Dhyan Chand's Legacy and Fostering a Culture of Sports

Meramandali, August 31, 2023: Embracing the vibrant spirit of sportsmanship and paying homage to the legendary Major Dhyan Chand on his 118th birth anniversary, Tata Steel Foundation orchestrated a jubilant celebration of 'National Sports Day' at the heart of Paik Purunakote village in Dhenkanal District. This event resonated with Tata Steel's enduring commitment to nurture sports as an integral part of life for children and the youth, inspiring a generation to embrace an active and healthy lifestyle.

To commemorate this significant occasion, a friendly and spirited volleyball match took center stage, igniting the atmosphere with camaraderie and healthy competition. The event unfolded with a heartfelt cake-cutting ceremony, underscoring Tata Steel Foundation's dedication to fostering an environment where the joy of sports binds communities together.

Dr. Ashish Mahapatra, a distinguished figure from the Medical Services Department at Tata Steel Meramandali (TSM), graced the event as the Chief Guest. Dr. Mahapatra not only motivated the youth to embrace physical fitness but also shared invaluable insights into essential first aid techniques. His guidance encompassed knowledge about responding effectively to minor accidents, snake bites, and sports-related injuries, underscoring Tata Steel Foundation's commitment to holistic well-being.

In the backdrop of enthusiasm, Pratap Kumar Pradhan, the Sarpanch of Paik Purunakote, brought an air of inspiration to the event through his motivational address. He encouraged the young participants to aspire for greatness through determination and dedication. A heartfelt felicitation ceremony for the volleyball players further highlighted the significance of unity and excellence in sports.

Beyond the core celebrations, the Administration Department of Tata Steel Meramandali orchestrated a captivating Basketball and Badminton Tournament for the dedicated employees and their families residing at the TSM Housing Colony. This holistic approach to promoting sports not only enhances the camaraderie among employees and their families but also reinforces Tata Steel Foundation's holistic commitment to fostering a culture of fitness and vitality.


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