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Small Business Success: How Delhi Based ‘The Nira Group’ Found Growth with Justdial

Small Business Success: How Delhi Based ‘The Nira Group’ Found Growth with Justdial

New Delhi, 18th May 2023: The demand for professional administrative services such as licensing, taxation, and registration has been on a steady rise in India, and even more so after the Covid-19 pandemic, which resulted in many professionals switching to freelance work or starting their businesses. According to the Consumer Insights Report published by Justdial, the overall demand for such professionals saw a 47% rise during the tax filing season, as compared to the same period from the previous year.

Seeking the help of professionals for services related to legal and administrative matters is of utmost importance. This rising demand has resulted in increased opportunities for small businesses like Mr. Raushan’s Delhi based organization, The Nira Group, which provides professional GST and ITR consultancy services. His firm specializes in providing such essential services like licensing, registration, taxation, and GST registration. With specialized knowledge and expertise, his team ensures that businesses and individuals navigate through complex processes smoothly and effectively.

The Nira group ventured into the world of online marketing with Justdial in the year 2016. Mr Raushan’s started with a free listing, which is available on Justdial platform. Seeing positive returns from this platform, he decided to sign a yearly contract with Justdial, investing an amount close to INR 10,000. This decision turned out to be a game-changer for his firm. Within a mere three months, Raushan was surprised to discover that his business had grown a lot, generating revenue worth INR 60,000 solely from customers who reached out to him through Justdial.

Being an early adopter of this mode of marketing, Raushan understood the importance of digital platforms and increased the value of his contracts with Justdial, recognizing the platform as a key driver of his business growth. He highlighted the invaluable aspect of Justdial – its unwavering commitment to helping businesses thrive.

Adding to this, Raushan said, “The most remarkable feature of the company is its ability to keep businesses actively engaged and consistently generate more leads. It has proven time and again that it is more than just a directory platform; it is a catalyst for success, constantly connecting businesses with potential customers and driving growth.”

As of now, The Nira Group has business worth over INR 70,000 with Justdial, and Raushan's success story is a proof of the significant opportunities and growth that the platform can provide to small and medium business owners across the country.


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