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SIS Group Enterprises announces its partnership with Practo to provide customised health plans for i

SIS Group Enterprises announces its partnership with Practo to provide customised health plans for its employees and their families

Comprehensive health plans to cover both corporate and blue-collar employees across 23+ specialities

Delhi, 1 November 2022: SIS Group Enterprises, a market leader in security, cash logistics and facility management with presence in India and Asia-Pacific (APAC), today, announced its partnership with Practo, India’s leading integrated healthcare company to empower its employees with customised corporate health and wellness plans.

The partnership will enable SIS Group employees and their families to avail the benefits of a flexible consultation model (online or physical) with doctors across 23+ specialities, in addition to services like preventive/diagnostic health checkups, secondary care surgeries and medicine delivery.

Through Practo’s Corporate Health benefits plan, SIS Group employees will get 15 free online consultations every month. Apart from covering traditional specialities like General Physician, Gynaecology, and Pediatrics, these plans also include super specialities like Cardiology, Oncology, and Neurology. Considering the linguistic diversity among SIS employees majorly constituting of field staff such as Security Guards, Supervisors, Unit Commanders/ Assignment Managers in addition to its corporate/ back-office employees, they shall have the option of audio-video consultation with the empanelled doctors in 15 Indian vernacular languages.

It is estimated that India has 500 million blue collared workers, which makes them a majority of the workforce. However, they lack the resources to avail access to quality healthcare, which puts their health at risk. While 100% of SIS Group employees are covered under Health & Accidental insurance, OPD constitutes 15% of total healthcare expenditure (per individual/household). But with the Corporate Health benefits, all the employees will have holistic coverage, giving the blue-collared workers a blanket towards financial shocks caused by healthcare expenses.

In addition to online doctor consultations, the employees will have the added benefit of booking physical doctor’s appointments with doctors from the Practo network. They also benefit from availing Practo’s preventive/diagnostic health check-up services and medicine delivery. Being covered under both health and accidental insurance by SIS, with Practo they now have the added advantage of availing the benefits offered through Practo Care surgeries at a discounted rate.

Practo’s Corporate Health benefits has also been growing steadily at 10X YoY, and now covers over 700+ corporates. Currently, these health plans cover more than one million employees and their families which constitute nearly two million people in the country. And with this association, Practo further extends its vision of providing digital healthcare to all.

Shikha Saxena, Chief Business Officer, Corporate Health Benefits, Practo, said, “We at Practo have been committed to providing access to quality healthcare to a billion+ Indians. And our efforts with Corporate Health Benefits have taken us a step closer towards this mission. We are glad to have partnered with SIS Group Enterprise as we move further on our endeavour to create #HealthierWorkplacesForAll, and through them, we can cater to all segments of society. Today, Corporate Health Benefits covers 700+ corporates impacting the lives of over 1 million people and we are optimistic about the future ahead and the impact of digital health in the country.”

Commenting on the partnership, Mr. Dhiraj Singh, Chief Executive Officer at SIS Group Enterprises said, “Being a people-first company, we are committed to providing our employees with the best healthcare possible. And we are happy to partner with Practo, which has been leading the way for digital health and has become a household name, especially during the pandemic. With Practo’s myriad of services we are looking forward to offering our employees the benefits of accessing healthcare anytime, anywhere while empowering them to take charge of their health.”


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