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Simplilearn Promotes Its ‘Job Guarantee Programs’ with New #JobGuaranteed Campaign

Simplilearn Promotes Its ‘Job Guarantee Programs’ with New #JobGuaranteed Campaign

Bengaluru, January 13, 2022: Simplilearn, the world’s largest digital-skills boot camp, launched its latest campaign today promoting its unique job guarantee programs*. The programs assure learners with a guaranteed job within six months (180 days) of program completion. They are best suited for final year students, fresh graduates, and working professionals who wish to begin or advance their careers in the exciting world of Digital Economy skills. The Job Guarantee programs are currently offered with the Data Science and Full Stack Development only.

Upon completion of these job guarantee programs, learners will have the job-ready skills they need to apply to a wide range of roles in the digital economy, and a guarantee of getting a job. Simplilearn’s skilling programs are designed to help create a future-ready workforce, and the Job Guarantee initiative is a further incentive for individuals to pursue career-focused upskilling and aspire to succeed without the worry of finding a job.

To amplify the adoption of the Job Guarantee Program, the company recently launched its latest brand campaign, #JobGuaranteed. The campaign focuses on Simplilearn’s ‘Job Guarantee’ Programs that assure a job upon course completion. The job guarantee offering provides tangible and strong reasons for aspirants to select Simplilearn as their up-skilling partner to realize their ambitions &achieve their career goals.

Commenting on this front, Mark Moran, Chief Marketing Officer, Simplilearn, said, “As a leading online Bootcamp, we are excited to launch this campaign bringing job guarantee as a core offering to aspirants, coupled with the relatable storyline of asking for a treat when one succeeds in their profession. We hope viewers will relate to the characters and find motivation to learn new skills and share their "sweet success" with their family and friends.”

As part of the campaign, the company launched two ad films based on the concept of asking for a treat whenever someone secures a job or a promotion. Based on the premise that everyone knows that if you upskill with Simplilearn, you have a job Guaranteed, the ad films are focused on two sets of target audiences: those employed and exploring better opportunities and aspiring candidates who are yet to build a successful career. In both the films, the protagonist is asked for a treat by his friends and family after enrolling in the Simplilearn program, as it means they are ontrack to a new job - guaranteed.

Simplilearn conducts more than 1,500 live classes, with an average of 70,000 learners who together spend more than 500,000 hours each month on the platform. Simplilearn’s programs give learners the opportunity to upskill and get certified in popular domains. In 2020, Simplilearn introduced a free skills development program called Skill-Up. Skill-Up allows learners to explore in-demand topics in top professional and technology fields for free, helping them make the right learning and career decisions.


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