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Satya Hinduja, Founder of Alchemic Sonic Environment, presents Sound As Freedom Dialogue

Satya Hinduja, Founder of Alchemic Sonic Environment, presents Sound As Freedom Dialogue

Mumbai, 23rd November: Satya Hinduja-- Multidisciplinary artist, spatial sound environment composer and the Founder of Alchemic Sonic Environment (ASE), will host a dialogue on creating pathways to mental freedom and health, using sound as a tool. She will speak with Dr Jeffery Thompson, who is Founder-Director of the Center for Neuroacoustic Research, a brainwave entrainment expert, composer, educator, author and futurist, and Jill Purce, a British voice teacher and Family Constellations therapist on 23 November 2022 ASE (Nov 24, 2022 @ 1.30 am IST). and Project Immersed will present a virtual experience, Sound As Freedom Dialogue.

Articulating her intention for the experience, Satya says, “While investigating a deep listening perspective in relation to our acoustic world emotionally and imaginatively, the Sound of Freedom will guide us towards the sense of perspective and understanding that we need in order to find solutions for our climate and give rise to multiple pathways in order to create a space safe for the wellness, mental health and freedom.”

Satya is currently exploring ways in which sound can play a role in building more sustainable environments for people around the planet. Through her art, advocacy and ability to bring together a multiplicity of disciplines and art forms on global platforms, she has demonstrated time and again that radical, deep listening is the key to everything from inner healing to outer abundance.

With ASE, Satya curates multi-sensorial site-specific spatial sound experiences that encourage listeners to ‘think in sound’. To stimulate and soothe the auditory sense, often overburdened in our noisy urban environments, her compositions use chants, voice, field recordings, and a variety of instruments. ASE merges science and the arts in order to induce what Satya calls, “an elevated collective subconscious”. The most powerful manifestation of this mission happened in May 2021 when ASE partnered with Deepak Chopra’s foundation on the Never Alone Global Mental Health Summit. For the Summit, Satya curated a three-hour segment called Spotlight India, which made space for dialogue on mind-body medicine and building sustainable ecosystems the mental wellbeing of the country.


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