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Rupid Secures Pre-Seed Funding from Prominent Investors to Revolutionize Financial Well-Being

Rupid Secures Pre-Seed Funding to Transform Financial Well-Being for India's Workforce

National, August 29, 2023 - Rupid, a dynamic fintech start-up founded in 2022, has successfully closed its pre-seed funding round with backing from prominent investors We Founder Circle, PedalStart, and Beej Network. This funding marks a significant milestone in Rupid's mission to address the financial challenges experienced by India's employed workforce, revolutionizing earned wage access and employee financial benefits.

A staggering 70% of India's 450 million workforce find themselves trapped in a cycle of living paycheck-to-paycheck, often resorting to high-interest emergency credit and payday loans, which can have interest rates surpassing 35%. This perpetual struggle with financial stress profoundly affects their overall well-being and limits personal growth.

Rupid stands as a beacon of hope with its earned wage access and employee financial benefit platform. Partnering with companies, Rupid enables employees to instantly access their earned salaries, free of additional charges. This real-time service empowers employees to review their accrued earnings and withdraw a portion of their salary proportional to their days worked. Rupid effectively addresses the pressing need for liquidity across blue-collar, grey-collar, and white-collar workers in India.

Manas Pal and Aditya Darolia, Co-founders of PedalStart, expressed their excitement about investing in Rupid. They said, "Rupid's visionary approach has ignited our enthusiasm, and we believe in the transformative potential it brings to the financial sector. This strategic investment reflects our commitment to innovation and positive change. Together, we're shaping a future where financial services are smarter, more inclusive, and technologically advanced."

The current generation of employed individuals, heavily influenced by consumerism and growing demands, grapple with declining income. Coupled with expensive credit options and poor savings habits, their financial challenges are exacerbated. Astonishingly, fewer than 12% of millennials manage to save due to excessive overdraft charges. This dire situation traps them in a relentless cycle of debt.

Led by visionary co-founders Gowtham Alluri, PC Varma, and Karishma Chowdary, Rupid has taken the initiative to tackle these financial burdens through strategic corporate partnerships. These collaborations enable Rupid to offer employees a "Zero cost, Zero risk" solution to access their earned salaries.

Gowtham Alluri, Co-Founder and CEO of Rupid, expressed his enthusiasm for the funding, stating, "The capital infusion from this round will empower Rupid to leverage cutting-edge technology and deliver an exceptional product experience to employers and employees. Additionally, it will enhance client acquisition capabilities."

Rupid's positive impact resonates throughout workplaces, driving productivity, and enhancing retention rates, which in turn benefits the Indian economy. For the employed workforce, Rupid is developing products that empower employees' financial well-being, alongside its flagship offering of on-demand salary access at no cost. Rupid's participation in Zero-to-One, India’s first community-based outcome-driven cohort for early-stage startups by PedalStart, underscores its commitment to innovation.

As Rupid spearheads the transformation of the financial landscape, interested parties can find more information about their innovative products and services by visiting their website at


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