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Quest Global Chooses Treeni as Partner for Sustainability Journey

Quest Global Chooses Treeni as Partner for Sustainability Journey  

National, 22nd November 2023: Quest Global, one of the world’s leading engineering services firms, has partnered with Treeni, a leading ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) led SaaS platform company. This collaboration is focused on advancing Quest Global's commitment to sustainability and ESG and emphasis on its responsible business practices.

As part of this strategic collaboration, Treeni is leveraging its expertise to support Quest Global by deploying their proprietary SaaS platform, resustainTM Enterprise. resustain™ offers enterprises a 360-degree view of ESG data and empowers them to extract insights for decision-making and manage performance, while reducing ESG risks and creating opportunities.

Treeni's managed services, built around the resustain™ platform, extends the platform functionality to include key execution elements and makes value delivered more predictable. Treeni is also facilitating alignment, assessments, and verification based on internationally recognized sustainability frameworks, including the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), EcoVadis, and the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP).  Additionally, Treeni is supporting the development of policies and guidelines pertaining to environmental KPIs and standard operating procedures for procurement. 

Shelly Latimore, Head of ESG at Quest Global, had this to say about the newly formed partnership, “Sustainability is always at the forefront of our minds. Our partnership with Treeni, and their domain-centric expertise, will enable us to move forward in our sustainability and ESG journey and will help us address the growing needs of our clients and other key stakeholders.”

Ankush Patel, Founder & CEO at Treeni, said, "At Treeni, our mission is to empower our clients to be compliant with stakeholders needs, by not just deploying resustain™ but delivering a solution that includes the relevant services. Through this collaboration, we are dedicated to streamlining Quest Global's sustainability transformation journey, and we are confident that our partnership will be enduring and mutually rewarding. We are committed to partnering with Quest Global on their journey to become a carbon-negative company."

The collaboration between Quest Global and Treeni is aligned to the global commitment to combat climate change and achieve net zero while promoting a culture of ethical business practices. 


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