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Promoting sustainable livelihood through kitchen gardening

Promoting sustainable livelihood through kitchen gardening

Joda, March 7, 2022: With an objective to promote sustainable livelihood in the region, Tata Steel Foundation has supported 150 families residing in Guali Gram Panchayat for setting up of kitchen gardens in the last three months.

The importance of a kitchen garden is manifold. It ensures an inexpensive, regular and handy supply of fresh vegetables which are basic to nutrition. The green vegetables contain vitamins, minerals and the micro-nutrients which protect people against diseases. This way of farming has become popular in Guali Gram Panchayat.

As part of the support, apart from hands-on training on kitchen gardening, Tata Steel Foundation has provided fencing nets, seeds, etc to the families.

Multi-layer farming opens a new door for farmers to grow vegetables round the year as there is less risk of a complete crop failure. It is a potential technology, as it uses natural resources properly. The system also helps in better utilisation of environmental factors, greater yield stability in diverse environmental conditions, as well as conservation of soil and other resources.

Hirabati Naik, a resident of Kendudhi has been very successful in her kitchen garden and has become a role model for others in the village. Expressing her happiness, she says, “We are very thankful to Tata steel foundation for their support in setting of the kitchen garden. I have covered my garden to protect them from hens and other domestic animals. Now, I can have fresh vegetables from my backyard and even sell the vegetables to community.”

Apart from additional income generation opportunity, these kitchen gardens have also played an important role in the lives of the communities by bringing about a change in their food habits with inclusion of vegetables having proteins, vitamins and fibres.


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