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PedalStart Unveils PedalUp Cohort: Fast-Tracking India's Startup Founders to Success

In a groundbreaking move, PedalStart, the driving force behind India's startup ecosystem, has launched the "PedalUp Cohort" program. Tailored exclusively for startups incubated within PedalStart, this initiative is set to redefine the growth trajectory for emerging businesses in the country. The PedalUp Cohort offers a rapid, intensive 6-week accelerator experience, aiming to equip startups with the essential tools, mentorship, and support required to scale their ventures at an unprecedented pace.

PedalStart's commitment to fostering innovation and entrepreneurial excellence is evident in the diverse domains represented within the Cohort, including Edtech, Logistics, Fintech, Healthcare, Cleantech, Mobility, Gaming, Sports, and Agri. The organization plans to invest 2.5Cr in each cohort, providing startups with significant cash prizes and rewards as incentives for their outstanding contributions.

Manas Pal and Aditya Darolia, Co-Founders of PedalStart, expressed their excitement about the PedalUp Cohort, emphasizing its role in shaping the future of India's startup landscape. "This program signifies our dedication to the rapid, meaningful growth of startups within the PedalStart family. By providing tailored mentorship, facilitating funding opportunities, and fostering invaluable networking connections, the PedalUp Cohort aims to accelerate the journey of our incubated startups towards success," they stated.

The PedalUp Cohort's unique features include:

1. Tailored Mentorship: Selected startups will collaborate closely with seasoned mentors and industry experts, gaining access to invaluable guidance and industry insights. Mentors will assist startups in overcoming challenges, ensuring their growth trajectory is well-guided and supported.

2. Access to Funding: Understanding the pivotal role of capital in startup expansion, PedalStart will facilitate connections with potential investors and venture capitalists within its extensive network. Startups within the PedalUp Cohort will have exclusive opportunities to secure funding and fuel their expansion plans.

3. Networking Opportunities: Building a robust professional network is vital for startup success. Participants in the PedalUp Cohort will enjoy exclusive access to networking events, workshops, and opportunities to connect with other founders and potential collaborators, fostering meaningful partnerships.

4. Resource Hub: Startups will gain access to a diverse array of resources, including co-working spaces, legal and financial advisory services, essential tools necessary for their growth journey, and certain cash prizes as recognition for their achievements.

Currently, PedalStart is concurrently running 3 cohorts, hosting over 100 startup founders from various domains and stages. Each cohort is meticulously designed to achieve specific outcomes, ensuring the acceleration journey for startup founders is both impactful and efficient.


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