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Odisha Government Applauds Ecozen for Advancing Agricultural Resilience

Odisha Government Applauds Ecozen for Advancing Agricultural Resilience

Bhubaneswar, February 29, 2024 - The Technical Committee established by the Department of Horticulture, Odisha, recently conducted a comprehensive inspection of cold storage units across Koraput & Gajapati districts of the state. These units play a crucial role in preserving farmers' horticultural produce and preventing it from spoiling. Among the units scrutinized, Ecofrost solar-powered cold rooms, manufactured by Ecozen, based in Pune, stood out for their exceptional performance. The Ecofrost units, not only met but often exceeded the stringent specifications mandated by the Government of Odisha. Ecozen ensured that the Ecofrost solar cold rooms deliver optimal cooling, tailored to suit the irradiance and climatic conditions prevalent in Odisha.

Under the Odisha government's 5T initiative, there has been a concerted effort to enhance farmers' income and foster a culture of agripreneurship. The key to achieving this lies in integrating technology with traditional farming methods. In the absence of adequate technologies, coupled with the region's topical weather conditions, agricultural produce is prone to spoilage. Consequently, farmers are compelled to sell their produce at lower prices.

In response to this challenge, the Odisha Government, through the Mission for Integrated Development of Horticulture (MIDH) (NHM), has established over 200 cold storage units. Among the companies collaborating with the government to maximize farmers' financial potential is Ecozen. Leveraging its substantial research capital, Ecozen has played a pivotal role in fortifying agriculture in Odisha by providing robust technical assistance.

Led by alumni of the esteemed IIT-KGP, Ecozen has developed over three patented, made-in-India technology applications incorporated into the Ecofrost solar-powered cold rooms. These innovative, climate-smart solutions enable farmers to both pre-cool and store their produce for extended periods while preserving its freshness. This strategic approach empowers farmers to time their sales for optimal prices, thereby bolstering their incomes. By prioritizing innovation and sustainability, Ecozen is working towards making farming lucrative.

The thermal bank is another example of the patented technology housed within each Ecofrost unit. This has consistently delivered cooling, even during night-time operations. Remarkably, these systems meticulously maintained the requisite temperature and humidity levels essential for preserving the stored produce.

To streamline the operational experience for farmers, Ecozen has implemented user-friendly features within the Ecofrost solar-powered cold rooms. Notably, farmers are provided with both a Human Machine Interface (HMI) and a mobile application for monitoring and controlling the cold room environment. The mobile application is equipped with an extensive array of post-harvest management (PHM) storage parameters, meticulously curated by in-house agricultural experts to cater to over 200 horticultural crops. Through the intuitive interface of the mobile application, farmers can seamlessly select the desired crop, prompting the unit to autonomously configure the temperature and humidity levels accordingly. Additionally, farmers can verify these settings through the HMI interface present on the unit.

Ecozen’s pioneering research in food technology, complemented by sophisticated data analytics, has empowered the company to precisely delineate the quality and shelf life of perishable goods. In collaboration with the Government of Odisha the company is consistently exploring & leveraging new cutting-edge technology to empower farmers and make farming more predictable and profitable. 

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