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Odisha accounts for 25% of the steel capacity in the country: Tata Steel

Tata Steel Statement on MIO 2022

"The Tata group of companies, and more specifically Tata Steel, has invested over Rs. 75,000 crore in Odisha in the last five years. We will continue to invest to support the growth in Odisha.

Over the last few years in Odisha, Tata Steel has not just built the Kalinganagar plant, which continues to expand, but has also acquired the erstwhile Bhushan Steel Plant and more recently the Neelachal Ispat plant.

Today, we are already producing about 9 million tonnes of steel in Odisha that makes us the largest steel producer in the State. We plan to double this over the next few years as we expand in all our locations in Odisha.

Odisha accounts for 1/4th of the steel capacity in the country today, and this share is expected to increase to 1/3rd of the steel capacity during this decade.’


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