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'My Tata Power’ Unified Consumer Mobile App launched by Odisha Discoms

'My Tata Power’ Unified Consumer Mobile App launched by Odisha Discoms

~App to benefit 7 million electricity consumers across three

Discoms (TPNODL, TPSODL, and TPWODL) in the state of Odisha~

~App brings electricity-related information handy and offers a wide range of

customer services solutions and information to customers~

Berhampur/ Balasore /Sambalpur, 1st February, 2022: TPNODL, TPSODL, and TPWODL discoms - joint ventures of Tata Power and the Government of Odisha, have launched a unified mobile app named 'My Tata Power App' in Odisha today to digitally empower 7 million electricity consumers and provide easy access to electricity supply and service-related information to them. The inaugural version of the app is currently available on the Google Play store and it will soon be accessible on the Apple App Store as well.

The mobile app is launched to bring in a superior consumer service experience to citizens of Odisha, setting the benchmark for Digital Empowerment and Digital Transformation in the state. Customers will be able to get service and information right at their fingertips from the safe confines of their homes, contributing to the cause of social distancing during the pandemic. In the long run, as part of Tata Power's #DoGreen initiative, the adoption of digital services and mobile apps will assist to reduce carbon footprint.

Through the newly launched app, consumers will have access to a variety of service features, including real-time bill information and instant digital payment options. By downloading this app, consumers will never miss a chance to get a rebate of 4% for timely bill payment via digital payment modes.

The other unique feature of the app is that the customers can generate their electricity bills online by providing self-meter reading and can instantly pay the bill online.

Through this app, consumers will get information regarding multiple customer contact channels and can register complaints and service requests 24x7. This app is also linked to a consumer billing system, ensuring that customers' information is always up to date. Additional features will be added to the app in the coming days to improve the user experience.

On the app launch, Mr. Sanjay Banga, President -T&D, Tata Power said, “In the ever-evolving digital landscape, Tata Power's Odisha discoms are leaving no stone unturned in their efforts to drive digital empowerment of electricity customers. Our team is ensuring that customers stay connected and get the greatest possible experience and services via their mobile phones in real-time. We have taken multiple initiatives to improve the quality and level of service in every element of our operations, and the people of Odisha have been supportive of our efforts. My Tata Power App, I am certain, will help us to change the way consumers connect with their electricity providers."

The CEOs of the all three Discoms expressed confidence that the consumers would find it convenient and the maximum number of consumers will benefit by downloading this app.

As the country's largest private sector power distribution company, Tata Power today serves 12 million customers across Mumbai, New Delhi, Odisha, and Ajmer.


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