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MTR Foods Launches Mother's Day Campaign Showcasing the Emotional Bond between Mothers and Children

MTR Foods Launches Heartwarming Mother's Day Campaign Showcasing the Emotional Bond between Mothers and Children through Food

~ Demystifying the magic of mother’s food: the perfect blending of love and taste~

13th May, 2023 | BENGALURU, INDIA: MTR Foods, a pioneer in packaged foods, today unveiled a heartwarming digital film in the light of Mother's Day. Set as a social experiment, the film connects with the audience on a deeper emotional level by showcasing the special bond between mothers and their children through food.

The digital film conceptualized and executed by Scrambled Egg Productions is based on the insight that mother’s food is always made with the irreplaceable, special ingredient of love. The film is set as a social experiment where MTR tests this out with three young children. They are given a variety of food options and asked to identify the dish made by their mother. Each child has a unique experience - one recognizes a heart-shaped idli, the second a soft and delicious gulab jamun and the third identifies the taste of his mother's sambar.

The campaign drives home the message that every mother's food has a secret ingredient called love, in an endearing way that is sure to resonate with all mothers.

Commenting on the campaign, Prerna Tiku, GM Marketing, MTR Foods said, "MTR has been a friend to mothers across generations. In fact, we take pride in co-creating our recipes with them. Our Mother's Day campaign pays a tribute to Mothers and celebrates special yet universally known mother’s love, expressed through her food.

The film reinforces our commitment to be her ally, offering her a range of great quality products that help her delight her family”

In conclusion, MTR Foods' Mother's Day campaign aims to emotionally connect with viewers and highlight the brand's commitment to offer authentic, high-quality food made with love. The digital film will be amplified through Instagram-led contests and stories. Additionally, the campaign will be supported by micro-influencer engagements.


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