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MMTC-PAMP hosted Mumbai’s First Gold Bar Challenge at World Trade Centre

MMTC-PAMP Hosts Mumbai's First Gold Bar Challenge at World Trade Centre

Mumbai, August 26, 2023 - MMTC-PAMP, India's distinguished London Bullion Market Association (LBMA) Good Delivery gold and silver refinery, created a buzz in the gold enthusiast community by hosting Mumbai's first-ever Gold Bar Challenge. The thrilling event unfolded on August 23 and 24 at the prestigious World Trade Centre in Mumbai.

For the inaugural time within a corporate environment, MMTC-PAMP orchestrated this event to provide a captivating platform for gold enthusiasts to showcase their skills and compete for an exclusive and highly coveted prize. The challenge revolved around participants attempting to remove a 5.7-kilogram gold bar from a glass enclosure within a specified time frame. The challenge witnessed the participation of enthusiasts who successfully retrieved the gold bar, and they were honored with MMTC-PAMP's Banyan Tree 10 gm silver bar, a symbol of longevity and fulfillment, adorned with India's national tree. Throughout the event, safety and fairness were maintained through the adherence to strict rules and regulations.

Vikas Singh, Managing Director and CEO of MMTC-PAMP, expressed, "At MMTC-PAMP, we continuously strive to offer our esteemed customers distinctive and uniquely crafted products in pure gold and silver. With the Gold Bar Challenge, we have taken a step further by infusing fun and excitement into our customer engagement. This event underscores our unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional moments of joy to our customers who place their trust in us for their gold and silver needs. By blending cutting-edge products and immersive experiences, we are dedicated to enhancing customer satisfaction in a unique and enjoyable manner. Through friendly competition, we aim to build stronger connections with our customers, creating memories that last."

The success of the Gold Bar Challenge in various cities, including Ghaziabad, Noida, Hyderabad, Chennai, and Mumbai, has paved the way for MMTC-PAMP to expand this distinctive event to other major cities. Vikas Singh shared, "The Gold Bar Challenge is a truly unique event that has left a mark on the Indian market. We are thrilled to announce that we will soon bring this event to the cities of Pune, Bangalore, and Chandigarh, creating more opportunities for engagement and excitement."

MMTC-PAMP, renowned for its commitment to delivering high-quality and culturally diverse products, hosted this event at its comprehensive one-stop shop for all gold and silver needs. Each MMTC-PAMP product is authenticated by a unique number and comes with certification signed by an Assayer to ensure authenticity. With a focus on weight and purity, each gold and silver product guarantees positive weight and purity balance, ensuring customers receive maximum value for their investment.

All products from MMTC-PAMP carry the hallmark of authenticity, ensuring 999.9+ purity and adhering to the highest Swiss standards of craftsmanship. With an array of pure gold and silver products to choose from, customers can explore MMTC-PAMP's exclusive stores, renowned jeweler partners, popular online platforms like Amazon and Flipkart, or directly through MMTC-PAMP's official website, As an industry leader, MMTC-PAMP continues to redefine customer engagement and product excellence in the gold and silver sector. For more information, visit:


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