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MediBuddy Champions Women's Health Empowerment with their latest International Women's Day Campaign- #InspireInclusion

MediBuddy  Champions Women's Health Empowerment with their latest International Women's Day Campaign- #InspireInclusion

Mumbai, March 07, 2024: MediBuddy, India's largest digital healthcare platform known for innovative healthcare solutions, has launched the #InspireInclusion campaign in honor of International Women’s Day. The initiative urges women to prioritise their health, advocating for positive change not only in the societal spheres but also within their personal wellness journey.

In a society where women often prioritise their families' health over their own, the #InspireInclusion campaign seeks to address a critical issue. Statistics reveal that 70% of women tend to put their families' health first, inadvertently neglecting their own well-being. This pattern contributes to the prevalence of issues such as diabetes, cancer, and heart disease among women.

The campaign aims to redefine the narrative surrounding women's health by emphasising the power of knowing one's health. It underscores the importance of understanding strengths, uncovering potential risks, and celebrating individual potential. MediBuddy believes that empowering women with knowledge about their health is a crucial step towards fostering a healthier and more inclusive society. With a vision to make high-quality healthcare accessible for a billion Indians, MediBuddy is stepping up as your buddy to help women put their well-being first.

Speaking about the campaign, Mr. Saibal Biswas, Head of Marketing, Partnerships & PR at MediBuddy- Women are the backbone of our society, yet their well-being is often overlooked. The #InspireInclusion campaign shines a light on the detrimental impacts of this disparity, which can lead to chronic health issues and undue stress. The campaign was created to prompt women to prioritise their health, advocating for transformation not only in boardrooms, classrooms, and living rooms but also within their personal wellness journeys. It aims to reshape the narrative surrounding women's health by highlighting the profound importance of gaining a deep understanding of one's body. On this International Women's Day, we urge every woman to make self-care a top priority.”

While a woman must prioritise her health actively, it's not a battle she should fight alone. The quest for gender equity and women's well-being necessitates the involvement of all societal sectors. Each individual in our societal fabric has a role to play in fostering an environment that champions and enables women to place their health at the forefront without any hindrances. Even the most minor acts of support, empathy,  and accommodation can make a significant difference.

At MediBuddy, we are dedicated to empowering women by ensuring better access to quality healthcare services and resources. When a woman is empowered to prioritise her health, the positive ripple effects benefit entire families and communities. This campaign calls for all women to embrace their power, strength, and right to prioritise their well-being.

#InspireInclusion advocates extensively promoting women's health and well-being. The campaign urges for a society where women are caretakers and guardians of their own wellness. This campaign is conceptualised and produced by MediBuddy’s in-house creative team. The campaign video is titled #InspireInclusion and is 1 Minute 19 seconds in duration. The video will be amplified across all social media platforms.

For more information about the #InspireInclusion campaign and MediBuddy's comprehensive healthcare services, please visit MediBuddy: Doctor Consultation

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