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Mahindra launches its first Dual-Fuel small commercial vehicle, the new Supro CNG Duo at ₹6.32 lakh

~ In line with brand promise, the Supro CNG Duo aims to deliver superior power, superior style, superior safety and superior comfort leading to superior profits for customers ~

~ Boasts several industry-first features including direct-start CNG function ~

• Offers best-in-class rated payload of 750 kg; large CNG fuel tank capacity of 75-litre

• Intelligent CNG leak detection for paramount customer safety

• Priced competitively, the Supro CNG Duo starts at ₹6.32 lakh (ex-showroom Delhi)

New Delhi, June 8, 2023: Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd. (M&M), the market leader of Small Commercial Vehicles (SCVs) in India, today announced the launch of the Supro CNG Duo, its first Dual-Fuel vehicle in the Small Commercial Vehicle Segment. The Supro CNG Duo provides best-in-class payload and class leading mileage and builds on our promise of offering customers superior performance with maximum profits.

With a starting price of ₹6.32 lakh (ex-showroom Delhi), the Supro CNG Duo offers a winning combination of features. It can run on both CNG and petrol, giving operators class leading fuel economy along with Mahindra’s legendary reliability and quality. The new Supro CNG Duo is loaded with industry-first features such as a direct-in-CNG start that allows the vehicle to be turned on while in CNG mode, promising customer’s superior savings. What’s more, the Supro CNG Duo offers intelligent CNG leak detection for added safety and seamless switching between CNG and petrol options.

Veejay Nakra, President - Automotive Division, M&M, said, “The launch of the Supro CNG Duo is testimony to Mahindra’s rich and proud heritage of producing innovative and reliable commercial vehicles, based on sharp customer insights and decades of market leadership. The Supro CNG Duo marks the company’s entry into the dual-fuel segment, in order to offer remarkably low operating costs to its owners and operators. It is engineered to deliver on the tough demands of the logistics, supply chains and e-commerce companies, while offering a vastly superior value proposition to customers. The introduction of the Supro CNG Duo is a clear reflection of Mahindra’s deep-rooted philosophy Rise for Good which drives positive change in the lives of individuals and communities as well as businesses.”

R. Velusamy, President, Automotive Technology and Product Development, M&M, said, “The new Supro CNG Duo has been engineered as a smart and easy-to-operate dual-fuel small commercial vehicle that will not just offer reduced emissions but lower operating costs as well, leading to substantial savings. We have integrated several industry-first features in the new Supro CNG Duo – these include direct-start CNG, Intelligent CNG leak detection for maximum safety and the best-in-class payload capacity of 750 kg. What’s more, in combination with the largest CNG tank capacity of 75 litres and superior mileage, the new Supro CNG Duo has made range anxiety irrelevant. Owing to all these innovations and more, we are sure the latest small commercial vehicle from Mahindra will once again prove to be a tremendous asset for its customers and operators.”

The Supro CNG Duo stands out for several other reasons including a best-in-class payload capacity of 750 kg, superior range of 325km with a large CNG tank capacity of 75 litres in its class and freedom from range anxiety resulting in more business opportunities and greater earnings.”

The new SCV is equipped with a powerful 20.01 kW (27BHP) BS6 RDE complaint engine, providing 60 Nm torque and best-in-class mileage of 23.35 km/kg. The vehicle features 145 R12, 8PR tyres and boasts 158 mm of ground clearance, ensuring higher performance and pickup even with a full load.

Customers can book the new Supro CNG Duo with a low down payment and avail of attractive financing schemes for a hassle-free purchase and ownership experience.

Built at Mahindra’s state-of-the-art plant in Chakan, Maharashtra, the Supro platform has undergone rigorous and full-test cycle runs, and has also been validated on all performance, safety and reliability parameters. It also comes with a class-leading warranty of 3 years/80000 km (whichever comes earlier). It will be available in two attractive colours: Diamond White and Deep Warm Blue. The vehicle is supported by Mahindra’s extensive service network, which is one of the largest in the country.

More about the Supro CNG Duo

Powerful Performance

The Supro CNG Duo is equipped with a powerful 20.01 kW (27BHP) BS6 engine, providing 60 Nm torque and superior mileage of 23.35 km/kg which will deliver great value to the customer. Furthermore, the Supro CNG Duo offers the best-in-class payload capacity of 750 kg and the largest CNG tank capacity of 75 litres in its class. Additionally, for peace of mind, the Supro CNG Duo comes with an exceptional warranty of 3 years/80000 kms, whichever is earlier.

Best-in-Class Intelligence

The Supro CNG Duo has been designed to enhance efficiency and performance through an advanced ECU that effortlessly transitions between petrol and CNG, ensuring optimal fuel efficiency and increased mileage. Through this technology drivers can enjoy the benefits of CNG without compromising on power or convenience. The built-in venting valve and moisture prevention features make this CNG kit ECU the top choice for superior vehicle performance.

Class Leading Comfort & Convenience

The Supro CNG Duo is equipped with user-friendly components, such as a pressure regulator designed for ease of maintenance, which results in reduced costs. The inclusion of a selectable piano switch for seamless petrol operation and an intuitive analogue CNG level indicator guarantees a user-friendly interface that feels familiar and effortless to use.

Best-in-Class Safety

The Supro CNG Duo features a meticulously developed and rigorously tested CNG and petrol kit, ensuring reliable performance for drivers. The Supro CNG Duo boasts of an intelligent CNG leakage detection to ensure maximum safety for customers. Additionally, the kit includes a conveniently positioned fire extinguisher for quick response in case of any emergencies.

· Mahindra’s first Dual-Fuel, direct-start CNG

· Best in class 750 kg payload

· Powerful 20.01 kW(27BHP) engine

· Superior 60 Nm torque

· Class leading mileage of 23.35 km/kg & a high range of 325 km

· Seamless shift between CNG & petrol

· Peace of Mind for customers from range anxiety


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