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Locals support all ward meetings for Tata Steel's mining

Tata Steel's Mining Operations Gain Local Support Through Ward Meetings

Joda, September 4, 2023: Tata Steel Ltd.'s mining ventures in the Keonjhar district, including Joda East Iron Mine, Manmora Manganese Mine, Bamebari Iron and Manganese Mine, and Joda West Iron and Manganese Mine, have received overwhelming consent for their mining operations from local residents during ten ward meetings held in Joda Municipality. One such significant ward meeting took place at ward office-13 in Joda Municipality on Monday. Tata Steel proposed the acquisition of 29.795 hectares of forest land for mining in Joda West Mine and 8.341 hectares of forest land for mining in Joda East Iron and Manmora Manganese Mine.

Previously, similar ward meetings were conducted in various wards within Joda Municipality. Meetings for mining in Joda West Iron and Manganese Mine took place in ward numbers 9, 10, 11, 13, and 14. Meetings for mining in Bamebari Mine were held in ward numbers 1 and 3. Similarly, ward numbers 6, 8, 12, and 13 hosted meetings for mining in Joda East Iron and Manmora Manganese Mines.

During these meetings, numerous local residents actively participated and voiced their concerns and suggestions. They urged the company to increase green coverage by planting more trees around the mining areas, provide employment opportunities to locals, establish training centers for students' skill development, and create technical education facilities. Additionally, they emphasized the importance of multi-dimensional development in the region.

The Monday meeting was attended by key officials, including Abhishek Panda, Executive Officer, Joda Municipality; Jagadish Prasad Sahu, Chairman, Joda Municipality; Sandhyarani Patra, Vice-Chairman, Joda Municipality; Lal Mohan Mohapatra, Revenue Supervisor, Barbil Tahsil; Trinath Jena, Joda Forest Section Officer; Swarup Bisoi, Joda Block Welfare Extension Officer; Akash Munda, President, FRC; and Kunun Munda, Secretary, FRC.


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