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Kimberly-Clark relaunches its iconic diaper brand Huggies with the new ‘Huggies Complete Comfort'

Kimberly-Clark relaunches its iconic diaper brand Huggieswith the new ‘Huggies Complete Comfort®’ range in India

~The relaunch showcases the brand in its all-new visual identity across touchpoints and highlights the diaper’s key promise of 5-in-1 comfort~

National, January 09, 2023: Kimberly Clark brings a fresh new identity for its iconic brand Huggies with the relaunch of Huggies Complete Comfort®in India.Based on extensive consumer research, the relaunch focuses on the core proposition of5-in-1 comfort, which includes key attributes like softness and absorption. The brand is going to embrace an all-new visual language via its packaging design across the range that spotlights the brand’s key attributes and consumer benefits.

To mark the relaunch, Huggies has rolled out its new campaign, ‘We got you, baby’ that promises to make the world a more comfortable place for babies. Conceptualized by Ogilvy India, theendearing launch film uses the baby’s voice as a creative device to highlight their discomforts with diapers. Huggies comes to their rescue by providing 5 comforts in 1 diaper that includesbubble bed softness, 12-hour absorption, triple leak guard, breathable material, and a comfy fit waistband.

Saakshi Verma Menon, Marketing Director, Kimberly – Clark India on the relaunch said,“Huggies as a brand has always strived to go the extra mile to make the world a more comfortable place for babies. Through extensive consumer research, we realized that babies need completecomfort with multiple benefits in one product. We are proud to introduce the new ‘Huggies Complete Comfort®’ to our Indian consumers to help babies and their parents navigate the unknowns of babyhood.Our research showed that 9 out of 10 moms feel that Huggies is more comfortable than their regular diaper which reinforces the trust that consumers have on this iconic brand.”

On the campaign, she added,“We are launching a digital first campaign across platforms where mums today are spending most of their time. The content is hyper personalized and contextualized to specific consumer cohorts for heightened relevance and engagement.

Also, as a challenger brand in India it is imperative for us to break clutter and stand out as a preferred brand. Our creative partners at Ogilvy have cracked an enjoyable and distinctive way of landing the key message which is sure to cement our position in the hearts of our consumers.”

Commenting on the film, Sukesh Kumar Nayak, Chief Creative Officer, Ogilvy India said, “To get the attention of parents, in our new campaign for Huggies, babies go on a protest to boycott incomplete diapers that do not have full comfort. Voicing their displeasure in a disruptive narrative, babies seek a diaper that provides more than the usual fare of dryness, for one which actually gives complete comfort.

As baby’s wingman, Huggies helps babies word their unspoken needs with a message that is playfully irreverent and memorable to ensure their problems are heard loud and clear. And solved with the new Huggies Complete Comfort diapers which will never allow babies to settle for incomplete comfort.”

The Huggies Complete Comfort®range is now available in offline stores and on e-commerce platforms.


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