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KFC India introduces the best bucket on the block chain in the form of 'KFC BuckETH'

KFC India introduces the best bucket on the block chain in the form of 'KFC BuckETH'

KFC becomes India's first QSR brand to have web 3.0 presence

August 18 , 2022: The world's most delicious chicken maker ,KFC ,is all set to woo its fans once again. This time around, KFC has introduced its iconic bucket to the virtual world. The brand has introduced the trendy and collectable NFT – KFC BuckETH”and with this , becomes thefirst QSRbrand in India to do so. With this announcement, the brand marks its presence on the fast growing Web 3.0 and the brand has introduced a new and exciting virtual avatar of its signature bucket. Based on a design created by budding artists from across the country , “KFC BuckETH”was dropped on Instagram Live today by actor ,presenter ,writer and comedian Danish Sethand fin-fluencer Sharan Hegde. Thousands of people watched this live event. KFC fans also have a chance to win the KFC BuckETHand be a part of the brand's historic story.

Elaborating on KFC BuckETH, the spokesperson of the brand said , Like the distinctive taste of chicken, the bucket is also a signature of KFC. This bucket is a testament to the legacy of the brand and has been an integral part of many special moments for our customers.We are delighted to introduce this bucket to the new digital world as our first NFT KFC BuckETH .It has been designed by many emerging artists of desh ke . KFC BuckETHwill give KFC fans an opportunity to connect with the brand in a unique way like never before. ,

KFC BuckETHis the only collectable NFTof its kind built in partnership with Blink Digitalon the Ethereum blockchain andwill be hosted on OpenSea ( OpenSea).It is a symbol of India embracing diverse cultures ,as the artworks printed on it have beendesigned by talented artists from across the country. Recently, the brandbrought together these artists to design 150 unique buckets , dedicating one bucket for each city as the brand reached a total of 600 restaurants across 150 cities in India. The KFC BuckETH showcasesthese unique designs and celebrates the true representation of the brand's journey in India .

KFC fans canget a chance to get KFC BuckETH to show their love for KFC Chicken .Official Instagram handle of KFC India @kfcindia_official Go to and take a screenshot of the Ultimate Chicken Lover Checklist available in Stories. Fill out that checklist using a gif , image or text, and post it on your Stories tagging KFC. One lucky winner , and the ultimate KFC lover, will standa chance to get KFC BuckETH .Not only this , the winner will also get to enjoy the taste of KFC throughout the year , in the form of a year's free supply of KFC. Follow KFC's Insta page for more details.


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