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Johnson’s® Baby introduces New Milk + Rice lotion enriched with pure milk proteins plus rice extract

Johnson’s® Baby introduces New Milk + Rice lotion that is enriched with pure milk proteins plus rice extracts

Unveils a new TVC that brings alive the benefits of a 24-hour moisture lock for babies who are entering a phase of exploration and doing something new every day

National, December 10, 2021: Johnson’s® Baby announced the introduction of its New Milk + Rice lotion that seeks to support mums of growing babies who are entering a phase of milestones and exploration. As babies grow, mums want to be sure that their developing skin is equipped for all that their natural inquisitiveness will have them do during the day. Milkier and creamier*, Johnson’s® New Milk+ Rice lotion enriched with pure milk proteins plus rice extracts, does just that with its 24-hour moisture lock to help keep the baby’s skin nourished, moisturised and ‘baby soft’ all day.

A baby’s skin develops rapidly and needs the right nourishment to be healthy and develop right. A growing child is bound to do new things like crawling and walking and moisturisers need to deliver that extra nourishment to help equip their skin with the care it needs. The TVC conceptualized by DDB Mudra, brings alive these unique moments in the day and life of a mum and her baby, as they go about the home, exploring something new at each step.

The TVC seeks to assure mums that Johnson’s® Baby with the new Milk + Rice lotion will continue to nourish and celebrate their baby’s growing years. It brings out the richness of the lotion formulation, enriched with goodness pure milk proteins and rice extracts. It has 5x Vitamin E and Vitamin B5 to help keep skin nourished and moisturised.

According to Manoj Gadgil, Vice President Marketing, Johnson & Johnson Consumer Health, India, “Johnson’s® Baby believes that ‘every baby must have a thriving start’. The new Johnson’s® Baby Milk + Rice lotion is a reiteration of this commitment to provide the best baby skincare products backed by science for every mum’s baby skincare requirement. We are dedicated to working with mums and dads, healthcare experts and scientists to ensure our products have the highest standard of care for babies at every age and stage of their growing years. The new Milk + Rice lotion with its purposeful ingredients seeks to reassure mums that their child’s developing skin will get the right nourishment, for that baby soft skin.”

Commenting on the TVC, Godwin Dmello, Executive Creative Director, DDB Mudra said, “We found the insight of growing babies seeing and feeling everything for the first time, to be a very powerful one. So, we told the story of this curious baby who’s enjoying her newfound freedom to move and explore. It sets up the need for the product to come in while being relatable and delightful for mothers.”

About Johnson’s® Baby:

At Johnson’s®, we’re committed to delivering the best for babies with products that are specially designed for baby’s skin. For more than 125 years, we’ve pioneered research to further understand the unique needs of baby’s eyes, skin and hair. This science is behind every one of our gentle and Clinically Proven Mild products, making Johnson’s® baby one of the most trusted brands amongst mothers in India.

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