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JK Tyre secures ‘Best in Class’ rating in ESG performance

JK Tyre secures ‘Best in Class’ rating in ESG performance

New Delhi, September 1, 2022: JK Tyre, a leading tyre manufacturer and the pioneer of Radial technology in India, announced that, CareEdge has undertaken the ESG rating of the Company.

In recognition of its superior environment, social and governance practices, JK Tyre has been rated as the best among peers, in the sub-industry category of tyre. The overall ESG score at 75 out of 100 is considered “Very Good”.

JK Tyre’s ESG performance is driven by strong commitment and performance on majority themes to ensure ESG integration. It is effectively implemented throughout its business. Transparent and well-defined policies make JK Tyre a market leader in Tyre industry.

Dr. Raghupati Singhania, Chairman & Managing Director, said, “We are extremely proud to share that JK Tyre has scored a “Very Good” rating on ESG parameters and is the best among peers in the industry. We believe that this recognition will further strengthen our unwavering commitments and responsibility towards conserving environment and serving societal needs. It is highly satisfying that we kept sustainability at the heart of our growth journey. We are committed to the goal of being a Green and Clean Company with sustainable use of green energy, green technology in manufacturing and reduction on fossil fuel dependence. We stood steadfast to our commitments towards our people and the larger community. We will continue to provide support through our well-structured and multifaceted CSR programs. We follow global best practices and uphold the highest standards of corporate governance and compliance.”


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