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JK Tyre plans significant cut in water, coal usage by 2025 to mitigate risks

JK Tyre plans significant cut in water, coal usage by 2025 to mitigate risks

Emerges as global benchmark for the lowest raw water use per kg of tyre manufactured

Mumbai, April 28, 2022: JK Tyre & Industries Limited has set itself a steep target to drastically reduce water and coal consumption by 2025. This will not just reduce its environmental footprint but also help mitigate business risks.

By 2025, the leading tyre manufacturer plans to reduce its raw water usage for manufacturing processes across all its plants in India by over 65 per cent from the base year of financial year 2013-14.

“We are strictly monitoring our water usage through the installation of water metres at key points in our manufacturing units, and constantly aiming to improve the water efficiency of our operations, along with reducing our use of groundwater,” Manufacturing Director Mr Anil Makkar said.

JK Tyre’s Kankroli and Chennai plants have already achieved zero raw water usage for processes. “We use raw water only for drinking purposes in the two plants,” he added.

JK Tyre has emerged as a global benchmark for the lowest raw water use per kg of tyre manufactured, an outcome of systematic initiatives over the last five years.

At JK Tyre, we have long recognised water availability as a business risk and therefore, we are focused on proactive assessment and planning for water security at all our manufacturing locations essentially through continuous improvement of water efficiency (water use per tonne of finished product) of our operations, Mr Makkar said.

Other than water, coal is another aspect that JK Tyre has huge plans for. The start off, the company says that by financial year 2024-25, it will replace 50 per cent of its coal usage with biomass.

“The shift would however entail significant investments as we will have to make changes in our boilers. We are also tying up for regular biomass supply,” Mr Makkar said.

With this and many other such actions, JK Tyre places focus on the use of green and clean energy, resulting in the reduction of greenhouse gases and dependence on fossil fuels.

JK Tyre will continue to contribute towards building a sustainable society by balancing operations with the environment, being in harmony with nature, and improving the quality of life for all. “It is a responsible corporate and giving back to the community is central to the culture of the Company. JK Tyre is not only driven by the need to make the world a better place through the manufacturing of a safer and technologically advanced product, but also by widening its prosperity circle,” Mr Makkar said.


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